Bobby Brunswick

    Character » Bobby Brunswick appears in 6 issues.

    A young man killed by accident during a prank gone wrong, who returned from the grave to avenge his death as a Slasher.

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    Bobby Brunswick, though mildly retarded, was hired by Lisa Elsten to euthanize the animals at the pet clinic in Eminence, Indiana. Bobby was known as a nice guy, sweet and naive. The closeness he shared with Lisa often made her boyfriend, Kyle, jealous. Kyle and Todd would give Bobby a hard time, always behind Lisa's back, but no matter what happened to him, Bobby never told Lisa about any of it.

    One day, though, Kyle and Todd came up with the idea to lock Bobby in the clinic's gas chamber. In pretense, the two actually turned on the gas, but the fail safe didn't work and the gas couldn't be shut off in time. Bobby died as a result of a prank gone wrong.

    Kyle knew if Lisa found out then Kyle would not only lose her, but also his job and go to jail. Kyle called Sheriff Donovan who was an old school friend of his and the two buried Bobby's body in the woods, in the same area that Bobby would bury the animals he euthanized. Afterwards, Kyle, Todd, and Donovan acted as if Bobby had run off and left town.

    A year later, Bobby rose as a slasher, sending hordes of undead animals to kill Donovan, Todd, and Kyle. Cassie and Vlad are able to rescue Kyle and Lisa. While fighting for their lives, Lisa is forced to shoot her former friend in the chest, but it's Cassie who delivers the kill shot. Having learned of Kyle's role in Bobby's death, Lisa breaks off their relationship.


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