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Bobbo became Sir Edmund Dorrance's personal driver and trusted lieutenant, and died trying to help Edmund realize his dream of killing everyone in Hong Kong.


Bobbo was created by Chuck Dixon for his '91 mini-series Robin.

Major Story Arc

Robin: A Hero Reborn

For more information see: Robin

Bobbo is present when King Snake kills Billy Hue for not completing the mission of killing Clyde Rawlins. Then later when King Snake is in Spain, to buy a "Water Clock', Bobbo is there by his side to inform him that Lynx and her crew have retrieved the Nazi-Plague he sent them for. Later when it is revealed that Lynx has failed in eliminating Robin and Clyde, King Snake puts it into Bobbo's hands to deal her punishment, he takes her eye. Later when Robin sneaks into King Snakes building, Bobbo leads the strike team to get him. He corners Robin near the water clock that holds the Nazi Plague, but instead of being careful he unloads into the clock possibly launching the plague killing everyone in the building. A fact point out by one of the techs, who Bobbo kills for his troubles. Then when he turns his attention back on Robin, Robin jams the barrel of Bobbo's gun which blows up killing Bobbo, and destroying enough of the water clock so the Nazi-Plague couldn't be released.


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