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Once a slim and charming fighter trained in Freestyle Karate, Robert "Bob" Richards participated in several tournaments, and earned his spotlight and several fans. With immeasurable speed, the only thing that was hindering him was the lack of power. He had trouble against opponents that were largier and heavier than him, due to that.

Determined to triumph, Bob went into seclusion, so he could focus on increasing his body mass by fattening himself, without losing his natural speed in the process. After succesfully reforming, he made a surprise reappearance in a martial arts tournament, dubbing himself as "The perfect combination of speed and weight!" ("Speed and Weight" would be adopted as his catchphrase later on). However, his fans were not as hyped as he was for the new Bob, and even went as far as saying he was a shadow of himself. Without losing even a whim of confidence and wanting to prove them wrong, Bob immediately entered the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament to return to the spotlight.

He also is seen as someone who aspires to help people in distress as much as he can, due to him living in a city where crime rates are astonishingly high.

Tekken 7

Bob was on his way to the seventh King of Iron Fist Tournament, but the road before him exploded, blocking his path to his match. The smoke cleared, revealing a lone man with an evil aura (revealed to be Bryan Fury). Despite not knowing what was happening, Bob's instinct told him that the guy had something to do with the destruction around the place. Bob's sense of justice stirred inside him, and forgetting about the tournament for a brief moment, he decided to deal with the threat first.

The fight ends with Bob spin jumping really high, only to fall and sit on a defeated Bryan. He then stands up and raises his fist in a victorious manner, only for him to fail to realize that the floor beneath them cracked, making them fall.


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