Bob Feeple

    Character » Bob Feeple appears in 34 issues.

    Professional rat exterminator of legendary renown. Known as "the man who killed large rats." Father of Jeremy and Ricky Feeple.

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    Bob Feeple one day came to the Kudasai ninja compound to get rid of a major rat problem. While there, he came across Anna and it became love at first sight. They eventually married and had two sons, Jeremy and Ricky.

    At one point however, Bob became trapped in Dimension X, an alternate reality embroiled in the Napoleonic Wars, and inhabited by giant, humanoid rats. Many thought Bob had simply abandoned his family, a belief that especially his son Jeremy grew up with. Jeremy was eventually able to discover his father's true fate, who had gradually managed to lead a faction of Dimension X to victory and became their king. Bob was unable to return to Earth unfortunately, as Dimension X was not technologically advanced enough to create a way for him to leave without potentially killing him in the process.

    Fellow rat exterminators of Earth still greatly revere Bob Feeple for his deeds.

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