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           Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in May24th  in 1941. A grandchild of Ukraine immigrants.Robert became interested in rock and folk music after going to a University in Minnesota. The instruments Bob Dylan plays are the guitar,harmonica and the keyboard. Bob's does the musical genres of rock,folk,country,and blues
           Robert took up the name Bob Dylan and moved to New York to focus on a career after dropping out of college.He was inspired by Johnny Cash ,who Later became one of his close friends.Bob Dylan was also friends with John Lennon and some of the other Beatles.
      Bob Dylan was later signed to Colombia Records where he released his first self-titled album in 1962.
    His still releases albums and is widely considered to be one of the worlds greatest musicians and poets. Most of his greatest works were done in the 1960s like songs like "The Times are a Changin" and "Blowing in the Wind". However he still does music to this day at the age of 69.  


Bob Dylan is an experienced songwriter,poet and musician.  

Bob Dylan Albums 

Bob Dylan - 1962 
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan- 1963 
The Times they are A Changin-1964 
Another Side of Bob Dylan-1964 
Bringing it all Back Home-1965 
Highway 61 Revisited- 1965 
Blonde on Blonde-1966 
John Wesley Harding-1967 
Nashville Skyline-1969 
Self Portrait-1970 
New Morning-1970 
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid-1973 
Dylan- 1973 
Planet Waves- 1974 
Blood on the Tracks- 1975 
The Basement Tapes- 1975 
Street Legal- 1978 
Slow Train Coming- 1979 
Saved- 1980 
Shot of Love- 1981 
Empire Burlesque- 1985 
Knocked out Loaded-1986 
Down in the Groove-1988 
Oh Mercy- 1989 
Under the Red Sky-1990 
Good As I've Been To You- 1992 
World Gone Wrong-1993 
Time Out of Mind-1997 
Love and Theft- 2001 
Modern Times- 2006 
Together Through Life- 2009 
Christmas in the Heart- 2009

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