Boar Brothers

    Team » Boar Brothers appears in 8 issues.

    Two genetically altered boars created by Bruce Banner in an effort to recreate the Hulk

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    Separated from the Hulk, Bruce Banner began attempting to recreate the accident that had created the Hulk. To this end, he began irradiating animals with gamma radiation. His 26th and 27th experiments were a pair of boars who gained limited intelligence, super strength, and a fanatical devotion to Banner from their exposure to the radiation. 


    The Boar Brothers were created by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri

    Team Evolution

    The Boar Brothers is composed of 26 and 27. They are loyal to Bruce Banner, who directs and controls them. 

    Major Story Arcs

    Hulk Asunder 

    The Brothers are sent by their "father" to hunt down the Hulk, who has sequestered himself in the Moloid caves. They kidnap the children of the Moloid tribe to draw him out, and engage in a fierce battle with the Hulk that literally shakes the Earth. They are defeated after a brutal battle when one brother plunges through a hole in the Earth's crust, and the other brother chooses to follow after him rather than fight on alone. 

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