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    Boak is a bio-organic construct.

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    Being a bio-organic construct, Boak was made as a means to aiding the Askani Clan fight the powers of Apocalypse.


    Originally written by Chris Claremont and drawn by the team of Whilce Portacio and Jim Lee.


    Though spanning multiple generations and many reconfigurings, Boak has always acted and looked the same.

    Major Story Arcs

    Responsible for sending Askani into the past to save baby Cable from Apocalypse in Endgame.


    The Askani figure that Apocalypse is able to come to power because of an event that occurs in the past. Looking back, they determine that the event that ensures the rise of Apocalypse is the death of the infant Cable. Boak rigs a time travel route for Askani so that she can protect Cable at his most vulnerable. He tells Askani that the time stream is too volatile and that the trip could end up being a one-way ticket. With her acquiescence, he sends her to the past

    Once Cable is brought from the past to the future, Boak helps raise the boy and fights alongside him upon the formation of the Clan Chosen. During one attack, Boak must break the news that a bomb dropped on the Clan Chosen base has killed Cable's wife, Aliya. To make matters worse, he must also tell Cable that Stryfe has stolen Tyler, Cable's son. Boak accompanies the team on a mission to retrieve Tyler but Stryfe gets the jump on them and reveals that his mind tamperer, Frisco, has altered Tyler's mind and the boy has switched sides (proven when he damages the Clan Chosen's Dawnsilk's mind). The team retreats.

    Many years later, Boak is still around and with the Clan Chosen. Cable has come and gone so many times and, at one point, leaves Garrison Kane to be healed by future technology. Boak helps Kane to learn about Cable's past by projecting past battles - most notably the one in which Cable learns of Tyler's defecting to Stryfe's side. This is interrupted by an attack by the Flatliners. Their attack is interrupted by the return of Cable.

    Upon the return of Cable, the Clan Chosen make their way to Niagara Falls to destroy the latest Tinex built by the New Canaanites. While the others engage guards in a firefight, Boak and Eleven hook up to the facility's network and gain the team access to the building. In moving through the complex the Clan Chosen runs into more Flatliners. Boak throws up an absorption field to cover the team while Cable readies an electro-magnetic pulse to take out everyone's weapons. The field is almost rendered ineffective due to too much absorption from the Flatliner weapons. The pulse is finally used but proves ineffective. The Clan Chosen runs from the Flatliners and Cable asks Boak to release the absorbed energy from the field. Not being fully "digested," Boak knows his body won't be able to handle the volatile release and asks that Cable not take so long to reconfigure him (it being a whole year to do so the last time Boak did this). Cable promises and Boak unleashes the energy and completely obliterates the Flatliners. With the opposition gone, Boak has ensure that the Clan Chosen can dismantle the Tinex. While Cable and Kane travel back to the past, Boak's body is collected by Hope and Tetherblood as they escape the exploding Tinex.


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