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    The Portuguese Water Dog owned by the Obama family. As 'The First Dog', Bo Obama has experienced a lot of media coverage and has already featured in comic books.

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    The First Family

    When Senator Obama was running for President he made a promise to his daughters; if he was successfully voted in as President of the United States then he would get them a puppy.

    After the election, and President-Elect Obama's first press conference there was a lot of media coverage and curiosity to the breed of dog that would get for his daughters. At the time they hadn't decided, sohe answered, "our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me", referring to his own mixed race heritage. The only thing that was known at that time was that 'The First Dog' would have to be a hypoallergenic breed, due to Malia Obama's allergies.

    Bo Obama: Official Portrait
    Bo Obama: Official Portrait

    In early January 2009, Malia & Sasha Obama persuaded the reporter George Stephanopoulos to ask the newly inaugurated President what breed of dog had been chosen. President Obama confirmed that they would receive either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog. The announcement that a dog had been chosen wasn't made until the following April. Despite their hopes to have found a puppy from a shelter, they finally accepted a six-month old Portuguese Water Dog as a gift from Senator Kennedy.

    Dubbed 'Charlie' by the breeders who raise him, he was renamed 'Bo' by Malia & Sasha Obama. Bo Obama moved into the official residence at the White House on 14 April 2009. Bo has been the focus of much media coverage, some of which the White House has encouraged. He even has his own Twitter page.


    The Portuguese Water Dog, also known as a 'Portie' for short, is a relatively rare breed. There is estimated to be around 50,000 Porties in the United States. It has been widely reported that the breed is hypoallergenic, although there are claims that there is no scientific proof to back up this claim. However, their fur coat is notably thick and rarely sheds.

    As the name suggests, the Portuguese Water Dog was used by Portuguese fishermen to heard fish into the nets and retrieve broken nets out of the water. The incredibly thick fur protects them from the extreme cold of the water, and can be considered somewhat water-proof to a certain extent.

    Comic Appearances


    Months after Marvel Publishing printed their first appearance of President Obama in Amazing Spider-Man, they included Bo Obama in his first adventure. Bo's first appearance was in Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers #3.

    Promo Image For Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers Series 2
    Promo Image For Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers Series 2

    The Pet Avengers were on a mission to locate the Infinity Gems before they fell into the hands of power-hungry villains. Although they had collected the majority of the gems, their quest led them to the White House. Inside, Bo Obama's handlers were having trouble putting a new collar on him. He was rambuncious and wanted to run around. When he finally received his new collar, it had a large round golden pendant with a bright red gem inset in the center of it.

    As the Pet Avengers entered the White House in secret they accidentally met Bo Obama. They recognized the last of the Infinity Gems inserted on his collar, but he quickly ran off excitedly. However, just as the Pet Avengers caught up to Bo, a bright light appeared and he was grabbed by Thanos. The Pet Avengers battled Thanos on the lawn to the White House, and eventually Lockjaw defeated him by combining the power of the Infinity Gems with his own teleportation.

    After Bo and the Infinity Gems had been saved, Lockjaw used the gems to establish a telepathic link between all the members of the team in case they ever needed to reform and battle evil. Their eyes flashed with a bright white light as a sign of the telepathic link. After Lockjaw teleported the Pet Avengers away, Bo Obama's eyes also flashed with a bright white light. At that moment, his handlers found him again and led him back inside the White House.

    Bo Obama has been featured in a promo image for a second series of the Pet Avengers due for publication in 2010.

    Blue Water

    Bo Obama: Puppy Power
    Bo Obama: Puppy Power

    A second comic appearance in 2009 is planned by Blue Water Publishing. Their title Puppy Power: Bo Obama features a brightly colored cover with a portrait of Bo leaping into the air. It is solicited for release in September 2009.


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