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    Finn and Jake's sentient video game system.

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    A small sentient hand held video game system, BMO or Beemo serves and operates as a number of devices for Finn and Jake. More than just a video game, BMO is an alarm clock, music instrument and most importantly a friend. BMO also seems to be on friendly terms with both Princess Bubblegum and Vampire Queen Marceline, both of whom refer to the small robot in affectionate tones.


    BMO first appears as a cartoon character on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, he was created by Pendleton Ward, show creator. BMO also appears in the very first Adventure Time comic issue. BMO was originally going to be called Raye.

    Powers and Abilities

    BMO is extraordinarily versatile and can fulfill a number of electronic tasks. BMO has been utilized as a camera, a recording device, a VHD player, an alarm clock, an electrical socket, a musical instrument, a strobe light, a flash light, a video player. BMO can play soccer and even bake.

    Other Media


    Adventure Time (2010)

    BMO first appeared in the Adventure Time television show, and is a regular supporting character in the popular animated cartoon.


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