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Having both a similar appearance and profession as his brother Blaster, Bluster will often be mistaken for his more renowned sibling. Regrettably, Bluster has none of his brother's cool and in-control style, nor his masterful way with words. He instead attempts to compensate for this with a forceful and self-important swagger.

Major Story Arcs


When Blaster was lost in space and presumed dead, Bluster took over his duties as communications officer of the Autobot Orbital Command Hub. He was present when Searchlight relayed the news of the Decepticon presence on Earth to Optimus.


Bluster's creation was actually accidental due to a continuity error regarding Blaster. Simon Furman explained in an online blog post that Don Figueroa had originally drawn Blaster in the background of a scene in Stormbringer #1, but this was later made invalid when Spotlight: Blaster revealed that Blaster was MIA at this point in time... And so Bluster came into being.


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