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Orange Lantern

Status: Unliving Avatar

Space Sector: 2751

Sector Partner: Inapplicable

Homeworld: originally Blobba; now Okaara


Blume was originally a space-faring self-proclaimed "God of Hunger" who tortured countless civilizations so that they would give him whatever he wanted. One account regarding this time of his existence showed him demanding a planet's inhabitants to give him all they held worthy such as jewels, gems, and precious metals. The natives, knowing their planet was poor in natural resources, sadly gave the "God" what was truly priceless to them - their infant children. Blume was surprised at this but, nevertheless, accepted the aliens' offering only to later return the children as they held no actual value. This is how Blume portrayed himself throughout the worlds he crossed.

Poor Glomulus ... we hardly knew ye.
Poor Glomulus ... we hardly knew ye.

Little else is known about Blume or how he came to be one of Larfleeze's Orange Lanterns though it can be assumed he came to Okaara just as he did any other world; but, upon discovery of Larfleeze's temple, was consumed by the Orange Light of Avarice. Blume functions as a sentry, consuming all who venture too close to the temple which houses the Orange Power Battery . Blume consumed Glomulus when the little creature fled his captors, converting his essence into an Orange Lantern, just like Blume himself had been.


Centuries later, a Green Lantern named Stel was pursuing an unnamed reptilian Sinestro Corps Soldier into The Vega System which, due to a treaty between Larfleeze and The Guardians of The Universe, was off-limits to all who are affiliated with The Guardians. Stel continued to pursue the Sinestro who kept taunting Stel about his inability to cross over into The Vega System.

But, as the Sinestro Corps soldier ranted, he bumped into none other than Blume himself. Blume proclaimed that the Sinestro corpsmen was his and then consumed him. Blume turned his attention on Stel and was given a telepathic order from Larfleeze to brand Stel with the symbol of the Orange Lantern Corps.

Blume Attacks!
Blume Attacks!

Blume did as his Master commanded, tore off Stel's limbs and branded his chest. Stel was then allowed to be retrieved and returned to the Guardians so that Larfleeze could deliver his demands. Blume was also one of the Orange Lanterns unleashed by Larfleeze to confront and destroy The Guardians of The Universe and The Green Lantern Corps when they came to arrest Larfleeze for his crimes. Blume proved to be amongst the most troubling Orange Lantern to deal with alongside Sattelite and Glomulus even for The Guardians of The Universe.

Blume becomes a member of the Black Lantern Corps, along with all of Larfleeze's slaves.

During Brightest Day, Blume confronted Hal Jordan while he was seeking out Larfleeze, but the Greeen Lantern Simply filled his mouth with sweets and snacks made of constructs to the point when Blume's head popped. Blume later participated in the battle against Hector Hammond.

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