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    Bluestreak is one of the fastest Autobots around. He got his name from being able to go so fast he appears to be a "blue streak".

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    Bluestreak is by far one of the fastest Autobots. He is named specifically for his speed and can win a race against pretty much any Decepticon. In his car form, he's is able to reach speeds of over three hundred miles per hour. His vehicle form is that of a Datson 280ZX, which in itself is already a really fast car, but when pumped up with Autobot technology it can go even faster. Not only does he move fast, he also talks fast - so fast that sometimes even he loses track of just what he was talking about. His rambling aside, Bluestreak is a good friend and a devoted soldier to the Autobot cause.


    Bluestreak was created for Marvel Comics' The Transformers issue #1 by writers Bill Mantlo and Ralph Macchio and editors Bob Budiansky and Jim Shooter. For trademark reasons his name was changed to Silverstreak in 2003. Trademark was returned to Hasbro in 2010. According to the original tech spec notes written by Bob Budiansky in 2006 the original name for Bluestreak was Blue Streak.

    Major Story Arcs

    Generation 1 Continuity

    Marvel Comics

    Bumblebee & Bluestreak - TF (Marvel) #11
    Bumblebee & Bluestreak - TF (Marvel) #11

    Bluestreak arrived on Earth with his fellow Autobots four million years ago. Along with Mirage and Huffer, Bluestreak was one of the less sympathetic of the Ark's crew when it came to humans. In an early mission in the United Kingdom, he provided covering fire for an Autobot convoy, using his sharpshooting skills to knock Thundercracker out of the sky with one shot.

    He suggested repairing the Ark and simply abandoning Earth's people to the Decepticons after learning that Sparkplug Witwicky had allegedly provided their foes with a fuel conversion process while he was their prisoner. Despite their conflicting views, Optimus Prime recognized Bluestreak's skill as a sharpshooter and chose him to be one of the five Autobots recharged in the Chambers of Transference, so that some of the Autobots would be at full capacity when the Decepticons attacked. Despite a temporary victory, the Autobots were blindsided by the returning Shockwave, who knocked them out with a single blast.

    Bluestreak was next seen being hung from the ceiling of the Ark, prepared by Shockwave to be used as spare parts for the next generation of Decepticons. Ratchet, the only surviving Autobot, managed to re-secure the Ark, and rebuild Bluestreak and the others.

    During a mission to stop Soundwave from broadcasting a transmission to the Decepticons still on Cybertron, Bluestreak was one of the first Autobots to confront the Constructicons. This mission almost ended badly when the Constructicons revealed they could merge into the mighty Devastator, but Bluestreak and the others were saved by Huffer and the human trucker Bomber Bill.

    It became apparent to the Autobots that Buster Witwicky's life was in danger so long as he carried the Creation Matrix while Optimus Prime's head was held captive by the Decepticons. Bluestreak and Bumblebee were assigned to act as Buster's guards. While guarding Buster he and Bumblebee were assaulted by the Decepticon prototype warrior Jetfire. After he suffered heavy wounds, his life was saved by Buster, who used the power of the Creation Matrix to disassemble Jetfire before their eyes.

    While Bluestreak and Bumblebee were helping Buster, Optimus Prime had been restored, but not without cost to the Autobot ranks. To help offset this, Bluestreak and Mirage assisted with the Rite of the Autobrand on Jetfire, whom Optimus Prime had recently given life.

    During Grimlock's command, Bluestreak watched Grimlock fight Blaster on Earth's moon for Autobot leadership. He later battled the Underbase-empowered Starscream in New York City where he was killed along with the other Transformers.

    Marvel UK

    During the Dinobot Hunt, Bluestreak was sent with Sideswipe and Huffer to Doonstown to capture the berserk Grimlock, but they were surprised to find Grimlock locked in battle with Sludge. Bluestreak was deactivated by the crazed Dinobots before he had a chance to react.

    1986 Annual

    On Cybertron, Bluestreak was on a mission to deliver shatter bombs to the Autobot military commander Optimus Prime.

    IDW Publishing

    Bluestreak has not yet appeared in Regeneration One.

    IDW Continuity

    Spotlight: Jazz

    Bluestreak was part of an extraction team led by Ironhide that retrieved a damaged Jazz and Tracks after their skirmish with the Predacons. Bluestreak's sharpshooting skills took out Razorclaw just in time to save Jazz's life.

    Last Stand of the Wreckers

    Bluestreak became the longest-standing patient of Autobot psycho-analyst Rung, presumably due to his guilt of surviving the the destruction of Praxus. After the events of the Surge, Bluestreak was in command of unit operating on Hydrus 5. One of his subordinates was Flattop.

    Iron Age

    Streak was present at a victory celebration after the Autobots successfully prevented a supply of energon from reaching the their camp.

    Spotlight: Blaster

    Bluestreak was on Blaster's Orbital Array during the Decepticons advance, and fought against their final attack. Bluestreak later returned to the Orbital Command Hub to greet Blaster upon his revival. Because he had been present on the orbital array when Blaster was first attacked, and was considered a suspect along with Inferno, Beachcomber and Mirage suspected of trying to assassinate Blaster.


    Bluestreak was in command of the Autobot tactical response unit, on the Autobots' Orbital Command Hub. On Varas Centralus, Bluestreak's unit was joined by the Wreckers during Phase Six. While the Wreckers assaulted the Decepticon siege mode armature, Bluestreak kept his squad out of the fighting, citing the planet as a lost cause. Springer attempted to talk Bluestreak into attacking the Decepticons with the Wreckers. Before they could Springer's crew was ordered to deal with the crisis created by the revival of Thunderwing.

    The Transformers


    Bluestreak eventually changed his name to "Silverstreak" when he joined the Autobots on Earth. He was among the Autobots who grew sick of hiding and joined Hot Rod when he defected. He was also seen with the Autobots who stayed behind, when Bumblebee was chosen to lead them. Silverstreak assisted with the construction of a space cruiser with Hot Rod and Swindle's united faction.

    Silverstreak had difficulties working with the Decepticons, and was suspicious when Swindle and the Stunticons spent so much time working to repair Breakdown after he was rescued from Skywatch. Rodimus directed him to let the old mistrust between the factions go, luckily Silverstreak couldn't and was proven right when they discovered Swindle had installed combiner technology in the Stunticons, creating the menace of Menasor. After Menasor was defeated, Silverstreak yelled at Rodimus for trusting Swindle. After Rodimus fled Earth in Ultra Magnus's shuttle, Silverstreak, Jetfire and the rest of the splinter faction rejoined Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots still on Earth.

    Eventually they formed an alliance with Skywatch. When the Combaticons were causing trouble in South Korea, several Autobots were sent to fight them while Silverstreak was left behind with Brawn and Bumblebee in a Skywatch hangar. When the Autobots in Korea were faced with the Predacons, Silverstreak was horrified that he couldn't help them. The battle was eventually won, but it revealed the secret Autobot-Skywatch alliance to the world. Silverstreak and Brawn stood by Bumblebee as he tried to calm the human crowds, but failed to protect him from a human assassin with an energy gun.

    Things only got worse as the human riots continued, the energy gun turned out to be Megatron, the plane carrying the other Autobots from Korea was shot down, and finally the Decepticons returned to Earth attacking the Skywatch base. The Autobots were incapacitated by Frenzy's sonic attacks and failed to stop the Decepticons from freeing those captured by Skywatch. With Bumblebee still out, Ultra Magnus took command and had the base evacuated, though Silverstreak worried about moving an injured Pennington around. As they fled to Omega Supreme, the Autobots were attacked by more humans with energy guns and Silverstreak sustained damage. Things got worse when Megatron showed up in a new, more powerful form and defeated the entire Autobot convoy.

    The injured Autobots were dumped in Albuquerque to be held hostage by additional armed humans. They were eventually saved, but at a cost, Jazz had killed one of the humans.


    Silverstreak was shocked to learn that Rodimus had returned to Earth with the Matrix of Leadership and informed a repaired Bumblebee. Along with Wheelie, he joined the rest of the Autobots in volunteering to return to Cybertron and fight Galvatron. On the way back to Cybertron, Silverstreak listened to Ironhide tell the time he met Alpha Trion. Once on Cybertron, the battle against Galvatron's Sweeps raged on, where he witnessed Megatron battle with the monstrous "Deceptigod".

    Robots in Disguise

    Once Cybertron was restored, Silverstreak wandered around in a crowd of NAILs who had returned home after the war. Later, he was on patrol in the reclamation tunnels where captured Decepticons worked and acted as a guard to Dirge after he witnessed Skydive's murder. Silverstreak along with Cliffjumper and Sky Lynx are frequent visitors to Maccadam's Old Oil House. He was alsol there when Bumblebee came to talk to Blurr about finding Ironhide. Later, Silverstreak was present when Megatron's returned from the Cybertronian wilderness. After the Megatron had been captured and imprisoned, Streak was assigned guard duty. Starscream came to talk with his former leader, he referred to Streak as "Bluestreak."

    Powers & Weaknesses

    Bluestreak's main ability is his impressive speed. He can sustain speeds up to 150mph for more than 12 hours. In robot mode he also has access to two shoulder-mounted missile launchers capable of firing four independent incendiary missiles up to 8.3 miels. Each warhead possesses the concussive force equivalent of 105 lbs of TNT. He typically carries an ion-charge disperser rifle capable of firing an 80,000-volt beam of blue lightning for a distance of up to 12 miles. It has enough force to punch a 10 foot hole in a cinder-block wall. As powerful as he is, Blustreak can undone by his disdain for combat and his reluctance to fight.


    • Allegiance: Autobot
    • Sub Group: None
    • Function: Warrior/Gunner
    • Alt-Modes: Cybertronian Car, Nissan (Datsun) 280ZX, Subaru Impreza WRX, Nissan 350Z, COBRA Firebat
    • Color Schemes: Silver/Red, Silver/Black (G1, IDW), Blue (Toy)

    Alternate Versions

    Devils Due

    G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

    Bluestreak, Gears, Prowl and Trailbreaker; Cobra alt-modes
    Bluestreak, Gears, Prowl and Trailbreaker; Cobra alt-modes

    Bluestreak was among the deactivated Transformers found, rebuilt and reprogrammed by Cobra, who proceeded to use the alien robots for their plan to conquer the world. Along with Prowl, Bluestreak now transformed into a COBRA Firebat. Bluestreak along with the others were eventually freed from Cobra's control by Wheeljack. Joining Prowl, Trailbreaker and Gears, he confronted Cobra Commander and fought against his S.N.A.K.E. guards. Bluestreak was upset when Storm Shadow killed Trailbreaker during the fight, but the shock quickly turned to anger, and he and his comrades attacked Storm Shadow in his S.N.A.K.E. armor and ripped it apart. Bluestreak was later seen fighting Decepticon Seekers in the sky when the SPS Satellite went out of control and started firing at Cobra Island.

    Dreamwave Publications

    War Within

    Originally a merchant, Bluestreak then joined the Autobot army. 500,000 years later, he visited his friend Optronix (Optimus Prime) at the Vaults and informed him of Sentinel Prime's death. He later participated in the last-ditch attempt to defend Iacon from Shockwave's forces.

    Bluestreak remained with the Autobot faction after the apparent death of Optimus Prime. He and Trailbreaker remained at Autobase while Prowl led a task force against Trypticon. While there, they met Jetfire and apprised him of the current situation on Cybertron. Bluestreak and an Autobot/Decepticon/Ultracon force helped defend a peace ceremony at Tyger Pax from the Starscream's Predacons. They successfullly fended off the Predacons, but soon fell with the return of Megatron, and his Aerospace Extermination Squadron, ushering in the Age of Internment.

    Generation 1

    Bluestreak was among the crew of the Ark when it crashed on Earth, and awoke in 1984 to battle the Decepticons. After years of fighting, Bluestreak and the other Autobots joined the humans in Operation Liberation, a joint operation that defeated and captured the Decepticons. However, the Ark II, which was meant to transport the Autobots, Decepticons, and a number of humans back to Cybertron, was sabotaged by General Robert Hallo, sending Bluestreak and the others to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

    Bluestreak was later recovered by Lazarus where and his deactivated form was used by Megatron to power his deadly metal virus weaponl. By the time he was rescued by Optimus Prime, Bluestreak's energy had been almost depleted.

    When Shockwave came to Earth and announced that the Autobot/Decepticon War was over and that the two factions had been united, Bluestreak skeptical, suggesting it was a trick. His views clashed those of with Gears, who did not see the point in fighting a war that had ended. Despite his objections, Bluestreak was among the Autobots who joined Optimus Prime in surrendering to Shockwave's lieutenant, Ultra Magnus. They were taken back to Cybertron by Sky Lynx, and Bluestreak and the others were imprisoned and scheduled for execution. Fortunately they were freed by Broadside and taken to an underground hideout. He fought in the battle to retake Iacon and witnessed Shockwave activating the Matrix of Leadership. After his defeat Bluestreak and his comrades began to rebuild their planet.

    Shortly after Ultra Magnus recovered from injuries he suffered when the Autobots overthrew Shockwave, Bluestreak and the rest of the Ark's crew were approached by Prowl about returning to Earth. Prowl wanted to establish a permanent Autobot presence on Earth, due data he had come across while researching the clone of Starscream known as Sunstorm. Bluestreak weighed in on both sides of the discussion in the debate over returning. Prowl eventually convinced all of the Ark's crew to return with him to begin construction of Autobot City on Earth.

    IDW Publishing

    Hearts of Steel

    Bluestreak was among the Autobot forces who fought the Decepticons on Earth in the distant past until an incoming ice age threatened to deactivate all the Transformers. Both sides went into hiding underground until the danger had passed, remaining in stasis until the mid-19th century. When they woke up, the war against the Decepticons started again, but Bluestreak was not seen partaking in any of the action.

    Other Media


    The Transformers (1984)

    Bluestreak was one of the original crew members of the Ark when it set off from Cybertron in search of new sources of fuel and energy. Attacked en route by the Decepticon flagship Nemesis, the Ark crashed into a volcano, and the Autobots lay dormant for millions of years. When the volcano erupted and activated Teletraan I in 1984, Bluestreak was reformatted into a Datsun 280Z.

    Episode Appearances

    • More than Meets the Eye, part 1-3
    • Roll for It
    • Divide and Conquer
    • S.O.S. Dinobots
    • Fire on the Mountain
    • War of the Dinobots
    • The Ultimate Doom, part 2 & 3
    • Heavy Metal War
    • Autobot Spike
    • Changing Gears
    • City of Steel
    • Attack of the Autobots
    • Traitor
    • The Immobilizer
    • The Autobot Run
    • Enter the Nightbird
    • A Prime Problem
    • The Core
    • Microbots
    • Desertion of the Dinobots, part 2
    • Blaster Blues
    • The Golden Lagoon
    • Kremzeek!
    • Triple Takeover
    • The Key to Vector Sigma, part 2
    • Trans-Europe Express
    • Masquerade


    Transformers: The Movie (1986)

    Bluestreak helped Kup move a roadblock on Lookout Mountain, just before Hot Rod and Daniel Witwicky crashed through it.


    Adventure Game: Defeat the Decepticons (Board Game)

    When Optimus embarked on his mission to rescue the Autobots' Minicar troops from the Decepticons, Bluestreak could come to Optimus Prime's aid, helping him navigate more quickly through the Decepticons' maze-like base.

    Transformers: War for Cybertron (PC/PS3/360)

    Bluestreak was originally planned to be in the game but was removed at the last minute. It is still unknown if this version will appear in any of the comics, toys or animated series associated with this universe. The cybertronian design was used however for Bluestreak and Prowl in IDWs Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


    Transformers: Autobots' Lightning Strike (Audio Book)

    Transformers: Hardwired


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