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    He came from another dimension to rid Earth of it's nuclear weapons and save man from himself. Due to the fact that his homeworld was destroyed by nuclear war.

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    Blue Jay aka Doctor Jay Abrams along with her companions of the Heroes of Angor, (also called the Champions of Angor, the Justifiers, the Assemblers and later as the Retaliators), is a homage/parody of Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man from Marvel Comics.


    When Blue Jay aka Doctor Jay Abrams first came to Earth, it was alongside Silver Sorceress and Wandjina. They were survivors of their homeworld, Angor's, destruction due to the use of nuclear weapons. Their goal was to completely disarm Earth to save it from the same fate as back home. This led them to Bilaya to protect the nation from nuclear meltdown. This was not without cost, however, as Wandjina sacrificed his life.

    Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress were apprehended by Russian officials. Having both felt like they failed, neither were willing to be detained any longer than they deemed necessary. Silver Sorceress escaped using her magic and Blue Jay escaped into the Russian wilderness. He managed to avoid several Russian patrols and eventually ended up with the Justice League.

    Some time after officially joining the League, they were confronted by robotic duplicates of the people responsible for Angor’s destruction, the Extremists. If this wasn’t bad enough, it was revealed that Mitch Wackey, an extremely important and revered figure on Angor, had created the robotic Extremists himself, but was not responsible for their getting out of control. After defeating the robotic Extremists, it was revealed that one of the members was in fact a living and breathing person - Dreamslayer.

    After some time with the Justice League’s European branch, Blue Jay is made leader by Ambassador Rolf Heimlich. Blue Jay’s first mission as leader is to bring back to the Leaguers Ice, Elongated Man, Blue Beetle and Captain Atom. Those members had all been fired by Heimlich himself and decided to illegally invade Bialya. It was revealed that Heimlich was sent as a mole from Bilaya, assigned by Queen Bee herself. After the death of the Queen, explosions rocked Bilaya and Ice saved everyone she could. Blue Jay and the League stayed in Bialya to offer relief aid and rescue.

    Dreamslayer eventually returned to Blue Jay’s life after he kidnapped Mitch Wackey and forced him to recreate the other Extremists. Dreamslayer also exerted his mind control over the League’s financier Maxwell Lord. The Extremists set up shop on the mobile island Kooey Kooey Kooey. When the League learned of this, they raided the island. Dreamslayer had, by this time, taken mental control of the island’s natives and one of them shot Silver Sorceress through the stomach. As she lay there dying, her last act was to take down Dreamslayer once and for all.

    The League mourned her loss but not as deeply as Blue Jay. For now he truly was the sole survivor of his world. This wracked him emotionally and he left the League, staying on only as a reserve member. As a reserve member, he helped the League out on missions involving the Rocket Reds and Sonar. With the dissolution of the Justice League International, Blue Jay stayed mostly to himself.

    Along with Livewire, Aquaman and Superman, he was kidnapped by aliens who collect the last members of various races. After they managed to break free and return to Earth, Blue Jay once again distanced himself from other meta humans.

    Bluejay was once again a pawn to be collected. He survived the rise of Omega Man and helped the newest incarnation of the Justice League. When the Omega Man goes through a portal to destroy other dimensions with Earths along with the Crime Syndicate, the portal will take him to the worlds he destroyed and repair them. Bluejay jumps into the portal hoping to find an Earth to call his own, since he is the sole-survivor of his Earth and has never truly embraced the Earth he has lived on.

    Growing Man?

    In Justice League Quarterly #3, the Champions of Angor was shown as a different team. Among those differences were the absence of Blue Jay, but the presence of a giant, nameless Growing Man. As Blue Jay was a Hank Pym doppelganger, it is possible than that he also suffered a "Giant Man" stage.


    Justice League of America (2017)

    Blue Jay was one of the few superbeings than survived toi the destruction of his earth, earth 8, at the hands of the Extremists. Escaping to the microverse, Blue Jay found there to Atom of earth 0, where together working on the mysteries of that subuniverse. When members of the League came searching for Dr. Palmer found them, Blue Jay help them to return to their own earth, leaving unclear if he will return to his own rebirthed universe.

    Heroes in Crisis

    Bluejay is confirmed to be (one of the several heroes) dead during the events of Heroes In Crisis.

    Dark Crisis

    Blue Jay or somehone using his clothes appeared at the funeral held for the Justice League in Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1. If he survived the events of heroes in Crisis or if a new Blue Jay took his place is unclear.

    The Flash: The One Minute War

    Blue Jay along several of the heroes dead in the events related to Sanctuary, are presented alive along with the mysterious Gold Beetle.

    Alternate Version

    Booster Gold: Blue and Gold

    In an alternate reality, in which Booster Gold saved Ted Kord. Blue Jay has been killed by OMAC. He has a bust in the Justice League Europe museum.

    Earth 8: Lord Havok and the Extremists

    In the alternate Earth-8, also know as Angor, Blue Jay was the vice president after Americommando, who by the way, was having an affair with Diane, his wife. He was the voice of the reason on Americommando's administration, but usually was soon disregarded. When the Meta Milita forces, allied with the Monarch army launched an attack on Slovekia, the controlled country of the Extremists, Jay expressed his doubts. Finally he ended rebelling against the presidency and donning his own more lethal armour, the Black Raven. Was this moment when he also told his wife than he knew about her infidelity since months ago and shoot her to not let her ruin his plans. After joining the final assault against the Meta Militia forces, he witness the defeat of Americommando, whom he put under swiftly arrest under the charge of international war crimes. Before he left he signed the divorce papers. This Blue Jay has no relation with the previous one.


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