Character » Bluegrass appears in 5 issues.

    The "Western" member of the Silverhawks team.

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    Brief History

    T. Boone Pickens was a Reserve Colonel and considered the best pilot in the Solar System. Though cybernetically enhanced like the other Silverhawks, Pickens - codenamed Bluegrass - didn't have retractable wings. This didn't make much difference, since his job was to fly the Silverhawks main transport and fighter, the Mirage.

    Bluegrass was a fan of country music and keeping with that theme, he synced the much of the Mirage's controls into his unique guitar; which he calls Hot Licks. With it, he can control the Mirage from afar. Because the Mirage is a big target, once the other Silverhawks have launched, Bluegrass is able to separate cockpit and join the fight; while using the Mirage Effect to cloak the main body.

    Adhering to his cowboy look, Bluegrass still wears his Cowboy hat and red bandana.


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