Blue Streak (Thompson)

    Character » Blue Streak (Thompson) appears in 26 issues.

    Blue Streak was a long-time enemy of Captain America's until he was killed by the Scourge of the Underworld.

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    Originally a disco skater, Don Thomas was drafted into the SHIELD Super-Agents by Nick Fury. However, he quickly turned on the group after being hired by Justin Hammer's Corporation. During the battle with Captain America, Blue Streak was betrayed by his teammate Vamp, who attempted to kill him. Captain America saved the Blue Streak, who revealed where the Falcon had been held captive.


    Blue Streak was created by Roy Thomas, Don Glut and John Buscema in 1978 and first appeared in Captain America #217.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Scourge of the Underworld

    Later, Blue Streak began committing acts of theft with his super-powered roller skates. Spending many of his nights at The Bar With No Name, Blue Streak was eventually warned by Firebrand of the criminal-killer, Scourge. Refusing to show his fear, Blue Streak returned to his crime spree, where he encountered Captain America once again. After a grueling battle, Blue Streak convinced Captain America he had fallen to his death. When Captain America went to try to save Blue Streak, the villain escaped and hitched a ride from a truck driver. However, the truck driver was the Scourge in disguise, and Blue Streak was shot to death.

    Dark Reign

    Years later, the Hood had resurrected some of the victims killed by the Scourge of the Underworld including Blue Streak. The Hood has augmented the abilities of some of these resurrected criminals which makes more dangerous. The Hood told his new army that the Scourge was secretly the Punisher and he ordered them to eliminate Frank Castle. The spell that brought them back to life only lasts thirty days and only the Hood could extend their lives, and would so only if the Punisher was killed. Megatak and Blue Streak, wanting not to return to the dead, happily accepted. They found the Punisher's moving truck headquarters and went after Castle's hacker-friend Henry. During the assault, Henry escaped on his rocket powered skateboard but Blue Streak chased him. Henry lost control when Blue Streak stabs his skateboard causing him to crash onto the ground. Henry pressed a button on his remote that activates his board and it strikes Blue Streak in the back of his neck. Blue Streak's neck is broken and is apparently killed.


    Apparently surviving, Blue Streak was seen evading NYPD officers after a daring daylight robbery, boasted of his speed until the recently rechristened and much faster Spectrum defeated him and turned him over to authorities. As he was being led off, one of the officers nicknamed him "Losing Streak." Later on in the pages of The Superior Spider-Man, it was revealed that this Blue Streak was indeed another individual who had purchased the costume and weaponry from the original Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley).

    Powers and Abilities

    Blue Streak wore laser weapons on his wrists and arms that could projects beams strong enough to melt various armor within thirty seconds. He also carried sharp tacks and scatters them to puncture the tires of pursuing vehicles. The resurrected Blue Streak can retract a blade from his gauntlets.

    Blue Streak wore rocket skates that enabled him to skate at speeds at least 125 miles per hour. He could also activate retro-rockets in the toes of his boots that could propel him backwards. Blue Streak could skate so fast that he could travel up walls and make leaps of ten feet.

    Blue Streak wore a costume containing a visor, heavy padding and armor to protect him from the effects of air friction and to shield himself from injury. The costume contained breathing equipment to enable him to take in oxygen when moving at high speeds.


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