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    Character » Blue Streak (Swift) appears in 32 issues.

    Jonathan Swift was the second Blue Streak who fought the Heroes for Hire and Thunderbolts.

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    Nothing is known about the past of Jonathan Swift or what relationship, if any, he has to the original Blue Streak. He has some minor telepathic power and at some point he came into possession of Donald Thompson's Blue Streak costume, or the schematics for it, and began wearing a version of it himself. As Blue Streak he started working for the Corporation whom had Skrull organs transplanted into him which enabled him to shape-shift.


    Blue Streak was created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Billy Tucci and Francis Portela and first appeared in Heroes for Hire #3. He is a legacy character, based on the original Blue Streak created by Roy Thomas, Don Glut and John Buscema.

    Major Story Arcs

    Civil War

    Blue Streak helped break Ricadonna out of prison and with his shape-shifting powers, was able to evade the Super-Human Registration Act. Blue Streak later faced the Heroes for Hire and was defeated by Misty Knight.

    Caged Angels

    Blue Streak allowed himself to be captured by the Thunderbolts and incarcerated at Thunderbolts Mountain. With a team led by Caprice, comprised of 3 other low-level telepathic prisoners, Blue Streak mentally manipulated the Thunderbolts and staff of Thunderbolts Mountain. However, the ensuing chaos allowed Bullseye, who had recently recovered from spinal injuries inflicted on him in a battle with American Eagle, to escape. The psychotic marksman quickly murdered Blue Streak and his allies in their cells indiscriminately to alleviate his boredom.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jonathan Swift's Blue Streak suit enables him to travel at great speeds through the use of roller blades. The suit also has built-in weaponry such as wrist-blasters and retractable blades. This is a derivative of the costume worn by his predecessor immediately before Thompson was killed by the Scourge of the Underworld; however, some of that costume's offensive capabilities, like caltrops to dissuade pursuers, have not been displayed.

    Blue Streak has minor psychic abilities, the origins of which are not confirmed. He is able to insert an idea or thought into a willing or susceptible person's mind, but not much beyond that. In the case of the Thunderbolts, he was able to help drive them insane by playing on their own insecurities and sanity problems. In the cases of individuals possessed of greater willpower, such as Doc Samson, Penance and Songbird, Blue Streak and his confederates were not powerful or skilled enough to manipulate their minds.

    Swift can also shape-shift, due to the Skrull organs he had transplanted into him. He can change form at will, but it is unseen if his shape-shifting goes beyond physical appearance.


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