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    A cross-dressing extortionist and member of Villainy Inc.

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    Golden Age

    Blue Snowman unmasked
    Blue Snowman unmasked

    Byrna Brilyant was a schoolteacher in the small town of Fair Weather Valley. Her father, a scientist, died while he was working on "blue snow", a form of precipitation that instantly freezes whatever it touches. He intended for it to serve humanity somehow, but Byrna decided to use it for profit.

    Taking on the outwardly masculine identity of the Blue Snowman, she used her telescopic snow ray on the farming community, demanding the farmers' life savings in return for the means to unfreeze their crops, livestock and people. She was stopped by Wonder Woman, who forced her to unfreeze everything free of charge.

    Byrna was subsequently imprisoned at Transformation Island, but was released by Eviless and recruited into Villainy Inc. Together with the group, she battled Wonder Woman once again. However, she, along with the other members of Villainy Inc., was defeated.


    Blue Snowman appeared similar to her Golden Age version. She was formerly a member of the Ice Pack, a group of ice-themed super-villains, but was kicked out for not being "cool" enough. She battled Power Girl and Dr. Mid-Nite, and wielded a variety of weaponry, including a hat which formed blue snow and a smoking pipe which projected icicles. Power Girl and Dr. Mid-Nite easily defeated her and retrieved the sapphire she had stolen.

    When Vartox came to Earth to make Power Girl his bride, his seduction musk was inhaled by the Blue Snowman. She confessed her love for Vartox after being affected by the musk, then protected him against the Ix Negaspike using her hat. This caused the creature's attention to turn to Blue Snowman, and it quickly devoured her. Whether she survived the attack is yet to be seen.

    New 52

    Alongside her robot minions, the Blue Snowman was seen battling Wonder Woman and her ally, Hessia. The robots were quickly dispatched, and it is unknown what became of the Blue Snowman, though it's likely she was incarcerated after her defeat.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blue snowman uses invention handed down to her by her father these include a telescope that could see long distances and cause snowstorms that could down even a plane.The snow she uses is actually a chemical that upon touch of a person could freeze them into a blue statue that only a super powered being like wonder woman could shrug off. She also is a stealth artist and could run as fast as an Olympic athlete.

    Alternate Versions

    DC Super Friends

    Blue Snowman in DC Super Friends
    Blue Snowman in DC Super Friends

    Blue Snowman appeared in the comic book series DC Super Friends as a member of the Ice Pack, alongside other ice-related villains Captain Cold, Mister Freeze, Killer Frost, Icicle and Minister Blizzard. During a crime spree, Blue Snowman went after a diamond that was sought after by her teammate, Killer Frost. The pair argued over the gem, then battled, which resulted in their mutual defeat before Superman and Aquaman arrived on the scene. Blue Snowman was taken to prison with the other criminals.

    The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Blue Snowman appeared as one of many enemies of Wonder Woman who had been contracted by Talia al Ghul to interrupt Wonder Woman's marriage to Batman. She was defeated by the Justice League of America.


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