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Lucille Martin was a successful novelist who on returning from a trip to China to research her next book was asked by a Chinese woman, who knew that three thugs were after her, to hold a ring that had to be delivered to a man named Sing Thang in San Francisco's Chinatown. Before the boats docks the Chinese woman is murdered and thrown overboard and Lucille trips and breaks the ring, releasing a strange blue gas which knocks her out.

When she awakes Lucille finds that she now has super strength. Lucille then creates a costumed identity for herself called The Blue Lady, and as such she trashes the three thugs and gives the ring to Sing Thang.

The Blue Lady only appeared in three stories, the most notable though about her being that she appeared one month before Wonder Woman.

She has not been used by anyone since her third and last appearance in Amazing Man Comics # 26.    

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