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Blue Ice is a villain with radioactive powers who was showcased very briefly in the series Wonder Woman #154 - Three Hearts 1.


Blue Ice is part of a villainous mated pair named Dr Echo and Blue Ice, who show up in Las Vegas and start randomly killing people. The tell the onlookers that they plan to keep killing people until Wonder Woman makes an appearance. Wonder Woman obligingly does, and in the battle snaps Blue Ice's arm and ribs.

Blue Ice, miraculously healed of the rather graphic broken ribs and shattered arm she got from the last fight, wakes up in the presence of Ahriman, who offers her power (stolen from Ahura Mazda) with which to kill Wonder Woman. As Blue Ice flies into combat against both Wonder Woman and Nu'bia, with the enhanced powers granted by Ahura Mazda Ahriman which Nu'bia scenes. Nu'bia than uses Wonder Woman's magic lasso to restrain Blue Ice and magically compels her to confess the truth.

However the lasso and the magics of Ahriman cause Blue Ice to insanely bear her very soul. She tells them that she always wanted to be married. Of her childhood, when she lived in an apartment and hated the noise of garbage trucks. She points out that her father worked in a power plant and used his powers as a super villain killing men with his x-ray vision. He later died of cancer. She also tells them that her own powers manifested at the age of twelve and how she was taken away to be studied. She also explained how since everyone on the planet had a bit of radioactivity in their blood her light could work on that blood.

But the power of the magic lasso and the mental trauma which had been a part of her childhood made Blue Ice unleash her own powers on herself and she burned to death.



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