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    Golden Age character similar to the Human Torch, the Blue Flame can burst into flames and fly. He disappeared shortly after his debut.

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    In his debut, the Blue Flame attempted to stop jewel thief S. Aitan's crime spree after he robbed a jewelry store and assaulted a police officer. As Aitan made his escape, the Blue Flame gave chase, zooming onto the scene in a steam of blue fire.

    The two fought and bantered across the city, as Aitan sped along his escape route. The Blue Flame chased Aitan out of his car and into the sewers before finally catching up to him on a river boat. As the two fought, Aitan dropped his stolen gem and plunged into the water, appearing to drown. On his return home, the Blue Flame found a note from Aitan proclaiming they wuld meet again.

    Since then, The Blue Flame has fallen into the public domain along with other lesser known comic book superheroes from the Golden Age.

    AC Comics


    The Blue Flame reappeared in FemForce as one of the many superheroes from the Vault of Heroes.

    Thrilling Nostalgic Comics

    The Liberty Project

    Liberty Brigade Hero Files - The Blue Flame
    Liberty Brigade Hero Files - The Blue Flame

    The Blue Flame got a new lease on life in 2018 in the pages of The Liberty Brigade. In this retcon origin story, The Blue Flame was Colonel Pete Mullen, who was returning from a bombing run when a meteor struck his plane and caused it to explode. Unconscious in the wreckage, Mullen was bathed in the meteorite's radiation for hours before help arrived. A recovered Mullen was shocked to find out he'd gained the ability to burst into flame, fly, ad throw fireballs. After he successfully defended bath iron works from the saboteur Frost, President Roosevelt gave him the name The Blue Flame and asked him to gather other heroes to protect the country, thus was born The Liberty Brigade.

    Powers & Abilities

    Blue Flame could generate heat and shoot fire blasts, and could fly. He was extremely similar to the Human Torch. His exact limitations is unknown due to lack of features.


    Official Golden-Age Hero & Heroine Directory


    Captain Flight Comics

    The Nimrod

    The Liberty Brigade


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