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    Character » Blue Falcon appears in 42 issues.

    Radley Crown, millionaire resident of a penthouse in Big City who was also secretly The Blue Falcon, proprietor of Crown Art Gallery, and Dynomutt is his loyal pet.

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    Basically a Batman pastiche, he rides a flying Falconcar and has a suit full of Falcongadgets. He is also athletic and a good fighter. His sidekick the Dog Wonder is both his most useful weapon and his greatest hindrance to successful crimefighting. He sometimes calls Dynomutt "Dog Blunder". He is also close friends with Mystery, Inc. who have helped him a few times. Blue Falcon is so famous that he was the inspiration for a series of comic books, a TV show called The Adventures of Blue Falcon which starred Blue Falcon's look-a-like Owen Garrison in the lead role, and a series of films. Voiced by Gary Owens in the Dynomutt cartoons.


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