Blue Eyes White Dragon

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    Blue Eyes White Dragon is Seto Kaiba's favourite duel monsters card. It is the most powerful normal monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

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    Ancient Egypt

    The White Dragon was the spirit monster or "Ka" of the woman Kisara. This beast would eventually fall to Priest Seto as his most powerful monster and use it as a display to show the good and the evil just how much of a force it was to be reckoned with. It is said the White Dragon could rival even the Egyptian Gods, Obelisk The Tormentor, Slifer The Sky Dragon, and The Winged Dragon Of Ra and may also rival the Diabound in power which was the energy Ka from the Thief King, Bakura.

    Duel Monsters

    In the game of Duel Monsters, only 4 Blue Eyes White Dragons existed in the whole world and three were in the possession of Seto Kaiba. The fourth was owned by Solomon Muto who received the card from his friend, Arthur Hawkins after surviving a cave-in together tour in an ancient tomb. Kaiba would eventually defeat Solomon for the 4th card of the Blue Eyes White Dragon and rip it in half rendering it useless in order to have the only playable Blue Eyes White Dragons in the world. This caused Solomon's grandson Yugi Muto to accept a duel against Kaiba and thus began their rivalry when Yugi beat all three Blue Eyes White Dragons with Exodia the Forbidden One. Even to this day, the Blue Eyes White Dragon remains as the strongest normal-type monster card and certainly still one of the most powerful duel cards in the game. When Seto Kaiba has drawn all three and if he has Polymerization, a Magic Card that can fuse separate monsters from the field or the hand, then he can summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.


    One day during school, young Yugi Muto was having a friendly duel with his best friend, Joey Wheeler. Joey was so ecstatic to show Yugi the improvement he has made dueling plus the cards he has got. Yugi while highly impressed, still managed to get the upper-hand on Joey by summoning a Dragon monster which had 700 more ATK points than Joe's monster thus wiping out the rest of his Life points and defeating him. Joey was a bit shocked until Yugi told Joey that he did great, Yugi just has better cards and that he gets them from his Grandpa game shop. Joey was so excited that he asked Yugi if they could stop by after School to check it out and Yugi said yes. He then goes even further and tells Joey and his friends that they might even get a chance to see a very powerful rare card his Grandpa just got. During the conversation, Seto Kaiba was sitting in the back and overheard the conversation thinking that the card Yugi was speaking of might have been the one he is looking for. Once they reached the game stop, Yugi's Granpda Solomon Muto greets Yugi and his friends and Yugi asks him if he can show him the card. Solomon did show them card and it was the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Another friend of Yugi's, Tristan snatches the card from Solomon and thinks it doesn't look all that special. Solomon then retakes the card and tells them that it is priceless because there is only 4 of them in the entire world. Solomon was indeed very caring for it and made sure it wouldn't leave him. Seto then walks into the shop and wanted to take a look at the card Yugi was talking about class. After some exchange wording with Joey, Kaiba then sees the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in the case and couldn't believe it was in a game shop of all places. Solomon noticed how interested Kaiba seemed into the card that he quickly closes the case and asks Kaiba if there is anything else he could help him with? Kaiba then slams a briefcase he was carrying around, opens it and tells Solomon to trade his Blue-Eyes White Dragon for his entire briefcase which contained many rare cards. Solomon was impressed with Kaiba's build up deck in the briefcase but still declined his offer. Kaiba was then willing to bid for the card and told Solomon he can name the price for anything and he will pay for it. Solomon declined once again and told Kaiba the same thing he told Yugi and his friends, its priceless and its not just because of its power or how rare Blue-Eyes is, its also because a dear friend gave it to him and he treasures it as a bond. An irritated Kaiba then leaves the shop and later on sends his henchmen to Solomon's game shop during closing time and they tell him to go with them because Kaiba has challenged him to a duel. Solomon wanted to refuse but the henchmen threatened him and said he didnt have a choice. After Yugi finds out what was going on, he then proceeds to go to Kaiba's Dome were he then runs into his Grandpa who was in a pretty weakened state and tells Yugi he lost the duel and in doing so, also lost Blue-Eyes because of deal. Kaiba then appears and a angry Yugi confronts Kaiba on what he has done, Kaiba then shows the gang what he won which was the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and then tears it in half. Shocked and angry, Yugi then takes his Grandpa's deck and challenges Kaiba to a duel were he would be taken over by a mysterious entity who would become known as Yugi's reincarnate, Pharaoh Atem, an ancient Pharaoh who use to be the ruler of Egypt 5,000 years ago. As the duel raged on, The Pharaoh then managed to summon a very powerful monster, Gaia the Fierce Knight and it then took control of the duel by taking out one of Kaiba's weaker monsters Saggi the Dark Clown. Kaiba remained unfazed and once he drew his next card, he then would surprise the Pharaoh. It was the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba ordered it to attack Atem's Gaia and it destroyed it with rather ease. Joey then claims thats its impossible that Kaiba can have the card since he tore it up. He then tells Atem to give up while he has a chance since in his whole deck, he doesnt have a single card who can withstand the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba then tells Atem that what chance does he have against 2? He then summons a second one increasing his odds heavily. Atem then summons a Magic Card known as Swords Of Revealing Light, which stops Kaiba's Dragons from attacking for 3 full turns. Kaiba then summons another monster who isnt affected by the spell and destroys Atem's face down defense monster. Atem then takes the chance and summons his signature and favorite card, the Dark Magician which destroys the Judge Man. Kaiba then summons the 3rd and final Blue-Eyes White dragon indicating that he had the other 3 the entire time. The Magic card spell then wears off and Blue-Eyes defeats the Dark Magician. Atem unsure what to do begins remembering in Yugi's memory that his grandpa said that cards are like a puzzle and sometimes that can be the game changer for any duelist. As soon as Atem realized what he had in his hands, he then had one last opportunity to draw the last card. Once Kaiba tells Yugi to draw the last pathetic card since it wont make a difference, Atem replies that he does not have any pathetic cards and once he flipped it to reveal what he had in his hand, Kaiba became terrified and said it is impossible. Atem had managed to assemble all five pieces of the Ultimate Monster, Exodia the Forbidden One which gives any duelist and automatic win due to Exodia's ultimate raw power. Yugi then demands Exodia to attack and he then obliterated all three Blue-Eyes White Dragons with a single shot. Atem had won the duel and this began the mark that as powerful and amazing as Blue-Eyes White Dragon is, there is always something greater.

    In the Duelist Kingdom Arc, after his first ever defeat and having his "evil half" be mind crushed by Atem, Kaiba stepped down from dueling feeling like his reputation has been tarnished in some sort of way. After being in Duelist Kingdom for a couple of days, Yugi and his friends come across Mokuba Kaiba, Seto's little brother. One of Maximillion Pegasus henchemen, Kemo then told Yugi who would once again be take over by Atem that the only way he would let go of Mokuba is if he defeats someone in a duel. He then points to the small Duel Arena and it was Kaiba. Atem, Mokuba, and the crew were certain that it wasn't Kaiba and instead some imposter trying to imitate his deck. After a few monsters were summoned and the battle went on, the "Imposter Kaiba" would then reveal his next card to Atem and in shock, he couldn't believe it. It was Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Everyone then had to rethink it since only the real Kaiba is the holder of the Blue-Eyes. Atem then had no choice but to switch the Dark Magician to Defensive mode and also summon the Curse of Dragon in Defensive Mode. The Imposter knew that would probably have been the next move he planned so he had a Trap Card known as Stop Defense ready to go which reverts all Defensive Monsters into Attack mode. Blue-Eyes then takes out the Curse of Dragon and the only monster Atem had left was the Dark Magician. Atem then uses a Magic Card known as Magical Hats to hide the Dark Magician and then also places a Trap Card under another hat for a trap set combo to take out the Dragon. The Imposter chooses one of the hats and it was empty. He then chooses another one and it was the Trap card the Pharaoh had just placed, Spellbinding Circle which trapped Blue-Eyes and absorbed 700 points of its attack power. Atem then decides to release the Dark Magician from the hat he wasn't hiding in and attack the Blue-Eyes since he now was more powerful. The attack was a success and Blue-Eyes was defeated only momentarily until the Imposter played the 2nd Blue-Eyes and automatically attacked the Dark Magician. Everyone was again shocked for seeing another Blue-Eyes out on the field. The appearance behind the Imposter was becoming more confusing, Briefly after, we get a flashback on Kaiba. He had found out that Pegasus took his little brother so he was creating futuristic holographic disks that were the state of the art. He is then interrupted by two of Pegasus henchmen who threaten him and say Pegasus would like a word with him. Kaiba then kicks a Chair and escapes trough a window were he was presumed dead by the henchmen since it was a drop that lead right into a pile of rocks and water. Kaiba managed to survive and went to his HQ to try and locate Yugi. He finds him and finds out that his opponent was Seto himself. Kaiba then states that Pegasus must have took the deck from him after the last encounter and that's the reason why the imposter has it. Being unaware of all this, Atem had little hope of winning the duel since he didnt posses a strong enough Monster to take out or even just take a blast from the Blue-Eyes. Kaiba manages to help Atem by infecting a computer virus into Blue-Eyes so that Atem doesn't lose the duel. Even with the virus taking its toll, Blue-Eyes was still to powerful in its weakening state and then is ordered to attack were Atem managed to feel the presence of the real Kaiba calling out for him in despair. For some sort of unknown reason, the attack wasn't a success and everyone including the imposter were surprised. Thanks to Kaiba, Atem managed to stay in the duel and the 2nd Blue-Eyes was defeated. Kaiba then ordered his hacking A.I to begin placing the same virus on the 3rd Blue-Eyes but then Kaiba himself gets hacked by Pegasus. Pegasus then soon discovers were Kaiba's location was and his henchmen were able to breach. Seto had to escape and was no longer able to help Atem. Atem then confronts the Imposter by revealing himself, and then it was revealed. The Imposter was revealed to have been Kaiba's evil side that Atem manged to banish in their first duel and was brought back by Pegasus to take him down. Yugi then summons Feral Imp and tells the Evil Ghoul to tread lightly now since he has a full deck and only one Blue-Eyes left.The ghoul draws and summons a Grappler in defense mode. Atem knows he is just trying to buy his time summoning monsters in defense mode so that he can summon the last Dragon. Atemn then summons The Celtic Guardian and orders him to take out the grappler. The Ghoul continues to summon monsters in defense mode and places a card face down. Atem then summons the Mystical Elf and increases her power with a Magic Card known as Book of Secret arts. He then also places a card face down. The Ghoul then finally manages to draw and summon the 3rd and final Blue-Eyes onto the field and quickly demands it to attack the Mystical Elf were Atem counters with Mirror Force, a Trap Card that redirects one's monster attack right back it. The Ghoul was prepared and had his Trap card revealed as Negate attack which negated Blue-Eyes own attack back at him. Atem then used the Magic Card, Monster Reborn which allows either duelist to revive any monster that has been defeated in the duel and he revived one of the other two Blue-Eyes White Dragons. The Ghoul wasnt sure what Atem was planning since both Blue-Eyes were evenly matched and would both be destroyed if they attacked each other. Atem then finally reveals that his Mystical Elf was finally able to use a special ability after using the Book of Secret arts which was chanting a spell were she can transfer all of her power into another monster. Atem then transfers her power into his Blue-Eyes and it became far more powerful than the Ghouls now. Atem orders Blue-Eyes to make his final attack and that finished the final Blue-Eyes and the Ghoul has lost. Atem once again banishes him so he would no longer be a threat to him and his friends ever again. Atem then goes to the opponents side to collect Kaiba's deck which had Blue-Eyes at the very top and held onto it for him.


    NameBlue Eyes White Dragon

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