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Much Better!

I actually have no idea who that is, but it's cleverly portrayed here as well.  There's something about these covers.  If only the interior art resembled this.   
The Good: 
The story is really picking up now.  There are still a lot of loose ends, but the introductory page really explained a lot of the confusing material in previous issues.  I still don't know why all that has happened, but I think I just need to be patient.  With that in mind, I really enjoyed the continuous realism and grittiness that the series once again provides, and was certainly left wanting more after the last panel.  The colors used in this series has been nothing short of extraordinary. 
The Bad: 
We are three issues in and though lots has happened in each little story, not much has actually happened as a whole.  This is the most disappointing part of the series so far, but as I mentioned above, I think I just need to be patient.  Hopefully, my wallet can be as well, because otherwise this promising series will be let go. 
I have gotten used to the art by now so it's not as distracting as it was previously and the colors used herein add an amazing amount of depth that is very much needed.  The story elements are slowly being pieced together, though there are still a vast amount of unanswered questions and I'm still curious as to who's who and what it their point in this series.   

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