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Once again, pretty true to the interior content and pretty clever. 
The Good:   
The colors are pretty freaking awesome with the limited art that there is.  What I do like is the continuous grittiness and realism of the tale; it doesn't hold back at all.  If this was a movie, it would definitely be rated R.  At least I would hope so seeing as the content within is very adult oriented.  In this case, however, the bluntness of the material really help what would otherwise be a lackluster story.
The Bad: 
What was done well in the previous issue is the opposite here.  The pacing and the actual relevance of some of these characters is utterly confusing, and I hope that some of these people are addressed or at least alluded to in future issues.  The art continues to disappoint me, though by now I'm actually starting to get used to this. 
I really hope this series can give me some sort of explanation soon as to what each of these characters have in relation with each other and how their stories intertwine (as I'm sure they all will).  I have high hopes for the series, however, and once much of the somehow incomprehensible material is given some very much needed clarification, I feel that the splendid content in each issue will all tie into a pretty incredible series.   

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