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I think the cover is extremely clever considering the internal contents of this issue.  It's certainly extremely fitting and well done, and the colors are awesome! 
The Good: 
The pacing is what's done best, giving you what you need to know when you need to know.  I do like the realism of this issue, and that it doesn't sugarcoat anything or beat around the bush with what isn't important.  I think there was a very interesting choice in the colors for some of these panels.  Story is very gritty and certainly not for children. 
The Bad: 
I wasn't sold on the art and though the story itself was good, it was a little confusing at times.  It had great pacing (see above), but I was still confused with some of the events taking place in the actual panels.  In other words, I'm not sure who is the protagonist and who are the antagonists.
At first, I thought that it wouldn't be possible for a story to have great pacing but still lack on some of the actual storytelling, but that's exactly what happens here.  I respect the editorial decision for why the panels are placed the way they are to progress this very decent story, but some of the events actually taking place in the panels were confusing.  All that aside and the fact that the art was lacking in my eyes, we have the beginning of what could be a pretty impressive series. 

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