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Blue Eagle was created by JM De Matteis and Don Perlin and first appeared as a new member of the Squadron Supreme in Defenders #112 in October 1982. He first appeared calling himself Capn' Hawk. His character, as do the other Squadron Supreme team members, are parallels to the DC Universe characters from DC Comic's series the Justice League. In Blue Eagle's case his character is an adapted version of the League's own Hawkman.

Origin Earth 712

Bronze Age

 High-flying Cap'n Hawk flying in on his prey
High-flying Cap'n Hawk flying in on his prey

On Earth-712 the man named James Dore Jr was a generational hero, son to the patriot and high flying 1940's hero the American Eagle. As a member of the wartime super-team the Golden Agency the senior Dore had high expectations for his son. Having a rather uncomfortable relationship with his father over the years James Jr become the new American Eagle and became his city of Mayflower Freedonia's local hero. James became the third recruit to join as a member of the Squadron Supreme and fought alongside their ranks for years to come. Due to political differences with his father, James Jr abandoned the identity and costume of American Eagle and took up the identity of Cap'n Hawk. As Cap'n Hawk he would come across and battle the other dimensional super-teams including the Avengers and the Defenders, both due to the mind control that the Squadron befell at different times of their history.

The first was due to the highly sought after Serpent Crown, a powerful magical artifact created by the priests of Set which ended up in the hands of America's President Nelson Rockefeller. After taking control of most of the worlds corporations, Cap'n Hawk and the rest of the Squadron set about dismantling their Earth's governments and taking total control as Rockefeller's super-human army. However the Avengers came over from their Earth's universe and fought the Squadron, freeing them from the Serpent Crown's mental control.

 Enter the Squadron Supreme!
Enter the Squadron Supreme!

The second time that Cap'n Hawk and the rest of the Squadron were under mind-control was during the visit by the psionic entity and powerhouse known as the Overmind. Although both the Cap'n and his teammates did try to fight the Overmind they were quickly overwhelmed by his powerful psionics. With the aid of the Defenders, who came from the same dimensional Earth as the Avengers did, they regained control of their minds and turned over the reign of the Overmind. Now left with the destroyed nations of their Earth, Cap'n Hawk visited his parents home in Mayflower Freedonia. His father James Sr had passed away during the time of Overmind's control of the worlds governments. The Cap'n was then given by his mother a new costume and battle-gear which James Sr had left for his son, never being able to say goodbye. His current costume in tatters, both in its material and reputation, the Cap'n became the Blue Eagle. Honoring his fathers past, forging his new future with the colors of a formerly glorious nation, both headed to a new era.

Silver Age

 The Legend of the Eagle lives on
The Legend of the Eagle lives on

A steadfast supporter of the newly unveiled "new world order" concept, which fellow teammate Power Princess had brought forward, the Utopia Project. Convinced that stabilizing the worlds economy would mean taking away all governments forms of firearms, rehabilitating ex-convicts and releasing them to the regular population through behavior modification technology, and policing the world against conflicts. Teaming up on more assignments with his fellow Squadron member Lady Lark, the two started to realize their attraction for each other. As their intimacy grew so did Lark's distance to her then lover and also Squadron member the Golden Archer. Taking the Archer to speak to him in privacy after much soul searching, Lark ended the relationship between herself and Archer. Before this breakup the Eagle had encouraged Lark's leaving him, noticing her outgrowing the routine of their relationship. And his wanting her to begin one with him, feeling that they could enter a true romance. However then the cruel and unimaginable happened.

Brainwashed into a birdbrain
Brainwashed into a birdbrain

The Golden Archer had used the very same behavior modification equipment on Lady Lark, commanding her to "fall in love" with him. This led to a overly obsessed Lark, announcing that she would be marrying the Golden Archer. The Blue Eagle was shocked and realized that her behavior changed overnight, his paramour had completely changed her once love for him. Investigating further and discovering that the Archer had indeed behavior modified Lady Lark, a fellow member of the Squadron, and the woman he loved. Denouncing his crimes at a meeting and demanding his resignation of membership, the Blue Eagle urged the other Squadron members to vote him out.

The behavior modification which altered Lady Lark deeply affected Blue Eagle, anger and suspicion made him question the newer ranks of the Squadron. At a local chemical plant both Blue Eagle and the former villain, behavior modified new member of the Squadron, Quagmire, teamed up for a promo shot. Not liking the attitude or disposition of Quagmire, the Blue Eagle blew up on him even hitting Quagmire in public view. Leaving the site and flying to the sky for some fresh air and time to think about his out of control actions, the Blue Eagle returned to find that the plant had blown up. Quagmire had saved as many workers as he could even though his assistance put him in a coma. Feeling guilty due to not being present to help Quagmire during the crisis, the Blue Eagle turned his eyes even further on the newer members of the team.

Act of Justice or act of vengeance?
Act of Justice or act of vengeance?

This proved to be the beginning of the Blue Eagle's downfall, following a few new members and witnessing them kidnap and un-behavior modify former villainous member Shape. Caught sneaking about the Blue Eagle discovered that former member Nighthawk had affiliated with megalomaniac Master Menace, using his scientific genius to create his own behavior modification device. They then mentally forced the Blue Eagle to not mention anything that he had experienced or saw, brainwashed yet again. When the gruesome battle ensued with the forces of Nighthawk's Redeemers and the Squadron, the Blue Eagle flew at the Black Archer( former member the Golden Archer) and struck his head with his mace, killing him instantly. The energy leech Lamprey than stole all the power from the Blue Eagle's mechanical wings, causing him to plummet from the sky at extreme speeds. Taking as much control of his now dead wings as he could, he managed to glide into the then inflated criminal Pinball, whose round inflatable body was rolling on the battlefield. Trying to use Pinball as a cushion to soften his fall, instead breaking his neck and Pinball's spine. Both died instantly, leaving behind the last of the high flying heroes having the eagle's legacy.


Height: 6'1"

Weight:210 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Power and Abilities

 Justice from the skies
Justice from the skies

A highly fit man who engaged in intensive exercise and training, the Blue Eagle was at his peak. Ever ready for battle he was just as able on land or in air with his combat abilities, having specialized training in aerial combat. He also had training in aircraft mechanics and tactical combat while working for the government, which he applied to his role as the Blue Eagle.

Having his fathers latest adaption of his anti-gravity flying wings, the Blue Eagle could fly though the skies at varying heights and speeds. Most of his costumes throughout his career also offered some form of minor protection against physical assault. However his last costume which was designed and given to him by his father, had more capacity for protection and power supply for the artificial wings.

Weapons and Paraphernalia

The Blue Eagle also used all manners of weapons from medieval times, spears, maces, hammers and axes where all within his ability to use as an expert. He carried a stylized eagle shield which helped deflect bullets and other projectiles and also a specialized helmet which offered aerial navigation capacities.

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