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    Blue Diamond was a former costumed hero from World War II who would later be transformed into a diamond hard body; he travels through space with his lover Star-Dancer.

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    "And liberty rings on.."

    Elton Morrow was a professor exploring Antarctica when he discovered a glowing blue diamond. On his way back to the United States his ship was attacked & the box he carried was shattered. The diamond exploded & embedded itself into Elton's skin thus making him the Blue Diamond. He was a member of Liberty Legion during World War II.

    At some undisclosed time after the war ended Morrow put away his costume and retired his identity as the Blue Diamond. He settled in his home town of Hartsdale in Massachusetts and lived there into his golden years.

    Character Evolution

    Star-Crossed Lovers

    "Diamond in the rough"

    The cosmic wielding entity called Star-Dancer traveled to Earth seeking an entity which was part of her destiny. Landing in the small town in the United States called Hartsdale Massachusetts she created a force-field which encased itself around the entire town, protecting her hunt from interference. The townspeople went into a panic as Star-Dancer began to scan the denizens in search of her game.

    Terrified and aware that the member of the Fantastic Four the Thing was there vacationing with his girlfriend Alicia Masters . However the Thing was on the other side of the force-field fishing and couldn't get inside. Than stepped in Elton Morrow , dressed in the uniform of the Blue Diamond, and prevented the mob from attacking her. Star-Dancer discovered the entity she was searching for was the elderly Marrow, the one-time super hero from World War II who had called himself the Blue Diamond.

    "Cut to perfection"

    Thing finally managed to break through the force-field and get to Alicia but soon engaged in battle with Star-Dancer, unable to defeat her due to her incredible cosmic powers. Threatening to destroy the planet with her cosmic powers she began to spin, building up her energy. At his suggestion, Thing hurled Blue Diamond at Star-Dancer, effectively knocking her out, although Blue Diamond was suffering a heart attack from the previous strain of holding back the mob.

    Awakening from the impact Star-Dancer quickly realized that the Blue Diamond was indeed whom she was seeking, her mate and fate. Star-Dancer than gave him a diamond that transformed his aged body and weak life essence and imbued into his form a portion of her cosmic power. She rearranged his molecules and recreated him into a diamond-encased form. Transformed into a creature of space, Blue Diamond could now travel the universe safely with his new found mate. The two then set off together, happy to fulfill their mutual destiny forever in each-others company and find the long lost home-world of Zhalla'Kia. It was later revealed that it was not a diamond that gave him his powers but a piece of a Lifestone.


    Blue Diamond is a Marvel comics character created by Ben Thompson first appearing in Daring Mystery Comics #7 released in 1941.

    Powers and Abilities

    "Diamonds are a girls best friend"

    Blue Diamond originally had diamond hard and diamond dense skin and flesh and is physically resistant to many forms of harm. He also had a degree of super-strength and enhanced stamina. He also had a better than human average with enhanced speed and agility.

    Star-Dancer later transformed his aged body and weak life essence and imbued into his form a portion of her cosmic power at this point changing him at a molecular level. Now cosmically enhanced his body is virtually a living diamond, making him incredibly stronger and incredibly more resistant to injury and harm than previously. He is now able to function n the vacuum of space and fly.


    The Lifestone
    The Lifestone

    Star-Dancer gave Marrow a gem that was set upon her own brow. It was later revealed that it was not the gem that gave him his powers but a piece of a Lifestone. Now a wielder of an unnamed fragment of a Lifestone gem which had once been thought to grant his body the density of a diamond, making the wielder virtually indestructible.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 495 lbs

    Hair: None (Formerly brown, than white)

    Eyes: White with no pupils (Formerly Blue)

    Strange Attributes: Blue Diamond is now a humanoid a pattern of cut-geometric angles. His former flesh is now made of diamond hard and diamond dense skin.

    Personal Data

    Real Name: Elton T. Morrow

    Identity: Secret

    Place of Birth: Hartsdale, Massachusetts

    Marital Status: Mate of Star-Dancer

    Citizenship: Citizen of the United States

    Known Relatives: Shanga the Star-Dancer (Mate)

    Occupation: Space-Wanderer, former crime fighting Adventurer

    Group Affiliation: Formerly the Liberty Legion, formerly Crazy Sues, formerly part of the Strangers Prisoners

    Base of Operations: Formerly Earth-616


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