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    A stuntman and special effects genius Daniel Cassidy, who after an encounter with the demon Nebiros, found himself stuck in the very exo-suit he created for a movie called The Blue Devil. He would later find himself turned into a real demon.

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    Can't take the costume off.
    Can't take the costume off.

    Dan Cassidy was hired to handle the special effects on a movie called the Blue Devil. He created an outfit for the character of the Blue Devil. The Kevlar costume was not only strong but it was made to be flexible so it could handle rigorous stunts. It was powered by miniature servo motors to add strength.

    During the shooting the Blue Devil suit performed perfectly. Unfortunately and coincidentally a demon named Nebiros interrupted the shooting of the film. While fighting the Blue Devil Nebiros, assumed he was a fellow demon. So when the fight starts going bad for Nebriros, he zaps the Blue Devil with a blast intended to drain his occult energy.

    When the battle is over, Dan Cassidy finds that his suit is a part of him. He discovers that the suit is organic and part of his body. Dan Cassidy is very upset about what has happened to him but because of his powers he ends up being a reluctant hero. He tries many ways and uses the help of many people but he is never able to remove his suit.

    Major Story Arcs

    The blast by Nebiros in their original battle, aside from fusing the suit to Dan, also changed the trident that was part of the costume. Prior to the battle it was a simple flame thrower with some pyrotechnics; after the battle it had become a powerful magic device linked to the Netherworld. When the gateway between Earth and the Netherworld is open it is at its most formidable making the bearer a match for a legion of demons. It is thought controlled and answers to the mind of either Dan Cassidy or Nebiros. If either holds it they are dominant lord; when not in physical contact it can become a battle of wills for control so far Dan has always been the victor.

    When the Justice League of America instituted at an open door policy to all the world's superheroes, Blue Devil showed up to the Watchtower to join. He hoped that JLA membership would help elevate his celebrity status.

    Underworld Unleashed

    Hell upgraded armor
    Hell upgraded armor

    The Justice League is reacting to five conflagrations that only Blue Devil sees create a pentagram. Five of Flash’s Rogues were tricked into starting these fires by Kadabra in order to raise the demon, Neron. He had a meeting of supervillains with a promise of power in exchange for their souls. Devil is teleported to the meeting for a special offer from Neron. He was given the same offer as the villains except Neron didn’t ask for his soul in exchange. Instead, he just asked for a favor: to destroy a seemingly innocuous power station in California.

    Devil followed through hoping to finally make it in Hollywood, however, the power outage directly led to a helicopter crash that killed Devil’s girlfriend, Marla. The phone calls from industry people sharing their condolences happen to be followed by offers, but Devil sulked in being tricked by Neron. Angry, he returned to the Watchtower, where reservists who had been tempted by Neron had collected. He offered them passage to Neron with the mystical candle he was given to teleport to Neron.

    As the JLA fought through Neron’s forces, Devil took the opportunity to take on Neron for what his offer cost Devil. Neron was too much for him though, and Danny got blasted into a hellmouth. As the JLA continued to struggle against Neron, Blue Devil clawed his way out of Hell with upgraded armor. Still, it was Trickster, who never trusted Neron, who was able to con Neron into damning himself.


    Blue Devil was recruited for the Justice League of France by Crimson Fox, hoping to eventually grow it into the new Justice League Europe. Their first mission was to protect special diamonds in a museum on loan from Markovia. After their heavy hitters were tricked into leaving, The Mist picked off the remaining members one by one, so she could steal the jewels. She left Blue Devil for last. Mist let him rage, blasting fire from his trident all over the room. This triggered the sprinkler system, which she had consecrated into holy water. It burned him like acid, leaving his bones and armor behind.

    Day of Judgement

    When Jim Corrigan finishes his duty as the host of The Spectre, he passes on to the other side. The Demon, Etrigan, takes advantage of a hostless Spectre by forcibly merging it with the rebel angel, Asmodel. Together, they try to raise hell on Earth, forcing a number of Justice League members and a team of supernatural heroes, calling themselves the Sentinels of Magic, to band together to stop them. After trapping a portion of the Spectre’s power, the combined team splits up into three distinct groups. One group stays on Earth to protect people from all the freed demons. Another group heads to Heaven to convince Jim Corrigan to return to the Spectre, anchoring it with some sense of humanity, while the last group heads to a frozen Hell and thaws it, thus dragging the escaped demons back.

    Faust raises Blue Devil
    Faust raises Blue Devil

    Faust, a member of the Hell team, brought with him a bag of Blue Devil’s remains he barter for in Paris. When they reached the City of Dis, they found the fire pits protected by the demon, Nebiros. Faust cast a spell reincarnating Blue Devil to pick a fight with his tormentor, Nebiros. He beat Nebiros and stole his trident, replacing his old gadget with a truly supernatural one. Faust takes his opportunity to reignite the flames with a true act of evil, murdering Enchantress, and then teleporting the other heroes, including Blue Devil, back to Earth to rejoin the battle.

    There, the Heaven team failed at convincing Corrigan but did convince Hal Jordan, who wanted to repent for his sins as Parallax, to merge with The Spectre.

    Black Baptism

    No Caption Provided

    After resurrecting Blue Devil, Faust hung on to one of Devil’s bones so that he would be hypnotically loyal to Faust. There were still a lot of demons left free after the Day of Judgment, and Faust needed Blue Devil’s new trident to lead them to demons to damn back to Hell. Their hunt was interrupted by the JLA when they came to check on Faust. Almost all the other members of The Sentinels of Magic had been rendered injured by a demonic mafia, called The Diablos, stealing soul energy from magic users. The JLA wanted the duo's help trying to stop it from escalating any further.

    The JLA didn’t trust Faust for killing Enchantress during the Day of Judgment, which forced Faust through a guilt trip, despite the fact that he had only sacrificed the witch’s soul possessing June Moon. June Moon was actually safe albeit catatonic. In his guilt, Faust also stabbed Devil in the back with his own bone, releasing him from any forced loyalty. Unfortunately, this left Devil vulnerable when The Diablos came by Faust’s warehouse and kidnapped him so they could torture the location of the remaining Sentinels of Magic out of him.

    No Caption Provided

    Over the course of his torture, the Diablos managed to free Devil of most of his armor upgrades, but he never gave up any secrets. They dragged his chained body to the Fountain of Lessing where they were meeting their boss, Faust’s dad, Felix Faust, who sought to be returned to his former glory. As the JLA showed up to confront them, Faust helped Devil break through his chains and summon his trident. He used the trident to destroy the fountain and ending the ritual, while the Diablos’ succubus was revealed to be the Enchantress. Using the trapped soul energy of the Sentinels of Magic, June Moon and Enchantress were merged again and one by one returned the energy.

    Day of Vengeance

    Blue Devil got a job as the bouncer of the Oblivion Bar, a secret pub for magic users. He was especially busy when the Spectre, yet again, was without a host and was attacking users and sources of magic. This time he was under the influence of Eclipso, possessing Jean Loring, rather than Etrigan the Demon. The Oblivion Bar became a safe haven for all of them trying to get out of Spectre’s view. Enchantress and Detective Chimp try to rally a posse to take on the Spectre, but very few bar patrons join. Devil is one of the heroes stupid enough to fall in though, along with Nightshade, Ragman, and the bar owner, Nightmaster.


    Devil and a few others went to the Mist Forests, where Enchantress was the lone survivor of a Spectre attack looking for leads, while Chimp and Nightshade went looking for reinforcements. From the forest, Enchantress picks up the trail to Budapest, where Spectre is battling Captain Marvel. With Spectre distracted, the team targets Eclipso. Although his hellfire didn’t work on Eclipso, Devil’s trident hurt all the same. He stabbed her in the stomach, subduing her for the time being, before volunteering to be a magic power battery for Enchantress to channel into Captain Marvel, keeping him strong. Enchantress took his idea and reached across the world to find even more magic volunteers. It worked for awhile, but Devil’s connection to the vast magic community is severed when Enchantress goes mad from all the power she was using. He knocked her out before she could do any major damage, and Spectre and Eclipso, both injured, retreated.

    The team regroups at the Oblivion Bar, now empty of patrons, where they are joined by Chimp and Shade with their new powerful player, Black Alice. They started planning their next assault with Nightmaster taking the lead. He assigned Devil to lead the team against Eclipso, which is everyone but Nightmaster and Black Alive, who will take on Spectre. While Devil’s team successfully defeated Eclipso, teleporting her to space to orbit the Sun, Alice’s ability to borrow magic powers failed to stop Spectre. With this last opportunity, the Spectre killed The Wizard and destroyed the Rock of Eternity, warping magic and releasing ancient evils, before going into hiding.

    The team agreed to stick together to fight back against these new rules and threats as The Shadowpact.


    Shadowpact set up shop out of the Oblivion Bar and made a deal with anti-mage, Lord Coldrake, to be their own personal warden in the pocket dimension Dark Tower. Unfortunately, during a run in with a group calling itself The Pentacle, including a demon, Jack of Fire, claiming to be Devil's long lost brother, Shadowpact were caught in a temporal bubble. What was days to them was a full year outside. Blue Devil and the others were memorialized as dead. They lost their homes and even the Oblivion Bar, when it was taken by squatter Eddie Deacon. While he was reluctant to give up the bar, he made a deal with them to keep using it as their headquarters.

    Jim Rook was upset with their performance in the temporal bubble. 37 people died before they got their act together and saved the day. That wasn’t good enough for Jim, so he and Bobo drew up the Asimov-inspired Universal Laws of Superheroics:

    • First Law: The lives and safety of innocent bystanders will always be protected.
    • Second Law: The lives and safety of you (the superhero) and your team will be protected to the extent that it doesn’t conflict with the first law.
    • Third Law: The lives and safety of all opponents will be protected to the extent that it doesn’t conflict with the first and second law.

    Rhyming Class Demon

    Blue Devil vs Etrigan
    Blue Devil vs Etrigan

    Blue Devil was concerning his teammates when he started to speak in rhyme more and more often. Unbeknownst to them, Etrigan had been promoted (as the hierarchy of demons goes down) out of the rhyming class and replaced with Blue Devil just to spite him. Devil and his team were lured into a fight with Etrigan when one of Nightshade’s portals misfired, sending them to a crime scene in Budapest. There was a pile of recently murdered bodies in a church. Etrigan attacked them, stabbing Nightmaster with his own sword and stealing Devil’s trident.

    Back at the Oblivion Bar, a servant demon approached Blue Devil to properly congratulate him for his recent demotion. He explains that Devil is now part of the rhyming caste, making him a Prince of Hell and one of the favored elite. It has been awarded to him, despite his heroics, for making Hell look cool in the media. Although depressed, Devil intends to enter Hell and use the power of his new status in a rematch with Etrigan.

    Followed by the team, they find Etrigan leading a demon army on the capital city, Pandemonium. Etrigan attempted to use the hellfire of the trident on Devil, but he had built up an immunity after years of handling it. He easily bested Etrigan. Once he was in possession of the trident, he immediately retreated through a Nightshade portal. Unfortunately, Etrigan followed them through and started fighting in the Oblivion Bar, nearly killing a friend of the team, Laurie Fell. Luckily, new Shadowpact member, Midnight Rider, shot Etrigan with one of his ghost guns, turning him to stone.

    The Redemption Contract

    Zauriel vs Blue Devil
    Zauriel vs Blue Devil

    Unfortunately, Blue Devils heroic deeds have led to hundreds of demonic deals made by those that look up to him, the same reason for his demotion. As such, Heaven sent Zauriel, Angel of the Lord, to slay Blue Devil once and for all. After a brief confrontation in the Oblivion Bar, Devil casually escorts Zauriel to a mountain top, away from civilians who could get hurt. When Zauriel explains why he was sent to kill Devil, Devil volunteered to be executed. Zauriel gave him a stay of execution for being cooperative, and Devil took the opportunity to make a public televised statement against his fans selling their souls to be just like him.

    This got the attention of a lawyer who believes Devil’s contract can be disputed since he never became an A-list Hollywood star. Devil felt like he needed to do this for more than just himself. Ever since they faced The Pentacle, his alleged brother taunted him with the fact that his parents and sister were also being tortured in Hell on account of his deal. Until he could get this personal mess sorted, Devil took a leave of absence from Shadowpact to be replaced by Zauriel under orders Pax Dei, hoping to have the same influence on superhero fans.

    Unfortunately, this lawyer’s gambit did not pan out. It turned out that Blue Devil’s brother, Jack, as the head of the Cassidy family after the deaths of their parents, had sold not just his soul but Danny and their sister, Mary’s as well. Devil’s contract is merely a supplemental contract added onto a deal they already made against Devil. Meanwhile, Devil met with a special Church proxy who agreed to give Devil penance if he completed a series of thirteen trials.

    The Burning Age


    Having completed his thirteen trials, the Church sent Devil on his way with very little support in an underworld legal proceeding. Devil’s lawyer felt confident that he had found a legal argument that Hell had to accept. He called Jack as a witness and began questioning him on the stand. Jack admitted to including the souls of his brother and sister as riders to his own contract making him a demon, of which he had become a Demon of the First Circle of Hell. Devil’s lawyer explained that as the signee of the contract he could release the souls at any time, at which point, Devil ordered him to, as he now outranked Jack as a rhyming caste demon. Jack has no option other than to release Danny and his sister’s souls. Additionally, he loses his powers, ranks, and privilege as a demon, and his trident is given to Jack.

    When Phantom Stranger brings a previous version and future version of the team to the present to face off against The Sun King, a destructive entity brought forth by Doctor Gotham and his Pentacle, Danny refuses to sit on the bench. He hunts down his original special effects suit and trident so that he can still fight as The Blue Devil. As Jack tries to slink away from the fight after being betrayed by The Sun King, Danny confronts him. He is able to wrestle the demonic trident away and threaten Jack with it. Jack surrenders, telling Danny if he kills Jack, he becomes the new head of the family and all of Jack’s powers go to him. When Danny refuses, Jack plunges the trident into his own chest while telling Danny to kill the Sun King for him.

    He enters the fray against the demonic army while The Phantom Stranger brings forth more Shadowpacts from the timestream. While the warriors fight the demon horde, the spellcasters sap The Sun King of his strength. Once defeated, the demon horde and time traveling Shadowpacts return from whence they came.

    Reign in Hell

    Blue Devil appears in Reign in Hell, fighting for Satanus. While battling the Demon Etrigan, he accidentally frees Lobo. Later, Etrigan takes his humanity. When all the demons are turned into humans, he is as well. Etrigan then restores his demonic half, which had been switched with the human half when Blue Devil was transformed.

    Sorcerer Kings

    In Sorcerer Kings, Blue Devil, Ragman and Darla, while on a mission from the Phantom Stranger, come across a knight fighting a horde of Demons. The group comes to the knights rescue, but are too late and the knight is killed. The demons run off, and when Blue Devil removes the knight's helmet he is horrified to learn that its Superman. Back at the Oblivion Bar, Blue Devil is among the group that learns that the dead Superman is not the real Superman. Then a different Batman, along with Scream Queen, bust into the Oblivion Bar and kidnap the real Superman. Later Blue Devil is with the real Batman when he and team try to stop the Final Spell, a spell that will destroy the sun. It looks like Blue Devil and the rest of Shadowpact may have met their match but then Superman and the Sorcerer Kings arrive and save the day.

    Blue Devil has been seen helping the JSA in the city of Monument Point. It is unknown if he will join the JSA officially while staying in the city. Blue Devil and Alan Scott are seen encased in stone behind the throne of the White Witch who has been possessed by one of the Legion's enemies. She now calls herself the the Black Witch. It is unknown at what point in history this occurred, but it is easy to deduce it was painful, they are seen in some amount of agony while being entombed into the 31st century.


    Blue Devil was revealed to be living in the pocket dimension, Myrra. He had stayed behind after his buddy, Detective Chimp unleashed an undead army that rises everyday to attack the living. After Chimp's new team, Justice League Dark helps break the curse, Blue Devil stays behind to help the residents rebuild.

    When the new Lords of Order decided to either kill or depower magic users, Blue Devil was the first to strike back. He was quickly turned to stone and is currently on display in the Oblivion Bar.

    Character Profile

    No Caption Provided
    • Height: 6'8"
    • Weight: 365 lbs
    • Eye Color: Yellow
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer; formerly stuntman, special effects artist
    • Known Relatives: Margaret Maeve Cassidy (grandmother), Seamus Cassidy (great uncle), Unnamed mother (deceased), Unnamed father (deceased), Mary Francis Cassidy (sister), Jack of Fire (brother)
    • Distinguishing Features: Devil has blue skin and two curved horns coming out of his forehead. It has been mentioned that he smells like brimstone, and for a short period, he could not help but speak in rhymes like upper level demons. He usually shaves his head bald and his beard into two pointed patches on either side of his chin.

    Powers & Abilities

    Stuntman: As a human, Devil was an accomplished stuntman. He is proficient in acrobatics and martial arts, particularly boxing.

    • Gadgetry: Devil would also tinker with in-camera special effects, including his original power suit and trident weapon, which was rocket-propelled and could carry up to approximately 20 people at 60 mph.

    Demon: After making his demonic pact, Blue Devil's physiology was transformed into a true demon. He had blue skin and a pair of horns coming out of his forehead. He typically reacted badly by being on consecrated ground.

    • Enhanced Physiology: Devil had increased strength, speed, agility, and endurance
    • Magic: Although he is mostly unpracticed, Devil has innate magic potential.
    • Trident of Lucifer: During a trip through Hell, he took possession of Lucifer's trident, which allows him to shoot hellfire and send demons back to hell.

    Alternate Versions

    New 52

    The New 52
    The New 52

    Dan is operating as a crimefighter in downtown Los Angeles, using the Blue Devil suit, which he has to wax his chest to wear. He comes into conflict with Black Lightning, who believes that he is working for Tobias Whale, during one of his excursions. The fight is ended when authorities show up and he is next seen interceding in a car chase during which a tracker is planted on him. Tobias's men follow him to Graveyard Pictures studio, where Dan lives with his grandfather who is a writer, actor, director, and studio mogul.

    His grandfather warns him about the suit, saying that it is something dangerous and that nothing good will come from it, but Dan thinks that saving people is worth it. As he is removing the suit, Tobias's men kill his grandfather and he turns to attack them. Tapping into the demonic power of the suit, seemed to have killed one of them and dropped another off a building onto a car until Black Lightning managed to convince him to stop.

    Several days later, he spoke at his grandfather's funeral where he met up with his high school friend and fellow football teammate, Jeff Pierce. Having recognized him as Black Lightning, he revealed his identity as Blue Devil and arranged to meet with him at Graveyard Studios, which his grandfather had left him, along with a letter that explained their family collected dangerous, mystical artifacts powered by people's belief in them. By making cheap movies where they were treated as a joke, he drained them of their power. After revealing this, Danny suggested that they team up to take down the Whale.

    Other Media

    JLU team members Blue Devil, Dr. Light, Hawkgirl, Vixen and Green Arrow
    JLU team members Blue Devil, Dr. Light, Hawkgirl, Vixen and Green Arrow

    Justice League Unlimited

    He made background cameos as a member of the Justice League in Justice League Unlimited. However, he only had one, brief speaking moment.

    Young Justice

    He later appeared as another background character in Young Justice. He fought one of the Injustice League's plants in Taipei with Flash and Captain Atom as well as appearing in the series finale.

    Young Justice: Revelations
    Young Justice: Revelations


    An Easter Egg in the episode "Time of Death", Green Arrow can be seen riding his bike alongside a bus that has a Blue Devil movie advertisement on the side.

    Swamp Thing

    Danny Cassidy appears in the series, Swamp Thing, as a former actor who is supernaturally stranded in a Louisiana swamp town, plagued by visions of his one-time horror role, The Blue Devil. He is portrayed by Ian Ziering


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