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    Character » Blue Condor appears in 3 issues.

    Blue Condor is a mutant member of the original Task Force, with powers that made her the frontline fighter of the team.

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    Marvel Italia

    Little is know about the life and history of the mutant called Blue Condor. She was the youngest member of the Task Force, a military team part of the Euromind, the European Division of the S.H.I.E.L.D., whose primary duty was protect the scientific operation of Euromind.

    Inspite her young age, Blue Condor had high military training and thanks to her powers, she acted as a frontal fighter of the team, often charging enemy for melee fight.

    Investigating an U.F.O. crash in Malaysia, the Task Force was ambushed by a trio of high-tech japanese mercenary called Lords of War. For protect his teammate Iceboy, Blue Condor charge against Lords of War Oda, and die in battle.

    While technically speaking she was never a formal member of the Euroforce, since the team take that name just after her dead, Euroforce member are joined and fight in her memory.


    Blue Condor is a mutant with the power of augmenting the strength of her limbs by several Gs, making her capable of knock down with a single punch even powerful and armored enemies such as the Lord of War [which vibranium-steel armor have been compared with that of Iron Man].


    The real name of Blue Condor was never stated in the original Europa serie, and have been indicated only in later official Marvel Handbook and Site.

    Blue Condor's nationality and real name were not stated in the original Europa series, but were later revealed in the Official Marvel Handbooks. She is a Lichtenbader, from the "Principality of Lichtenbad", a small medieval-styled fictional state appeared in Daredevil n. 9 [1965].


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