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This is a "One-Shot" Special comic book featuring two new stories involving the "Blue Bulleteer", along with a reprint of the Blue Bulleteer's first appearance and first story in AC Comics, prior to her name change and retcon as "Nightveil".

A reprint of a "Phantom Lady" story from Fox Comics by Matt Baker is also included in the comic book. Blue Bulleteer was originally intended to be called Phantom Lady as the rights to this character and her name had evidently lapsed into the Public Domain after Fox failed to renew the copyrights but DC Comics intervened against Bill Black, publisher, writer and editor of AC Comics, claiming they owned the copyrights. However, the exact details are STILL in contention regarding the rights so Bill Black, not wanting to lose money, simply named his incarnation Blue Bulleteer, but then again changed it to Nightveil.

The characters Rocketman and the Black Terror also appear in the comic book. There is Good Girl Art inside the comic book, and a photo gallery also exists of several AC Comics models dressed as Blue Bulleteer and Nightveil. There are also photographs of the model for Blue Bulleteer on the front and back covers of the comic book.

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