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Hit by a lightning bolt during practice football star Fred Parrish gets into a plane to seek help when he is hit by another bolt so that he and the plane crash into a cavern and the subterranean world of Deltos, there he is revived by the scientist ruler of Deltos Dr. Bertoff with an injection of radium.

On recovering the man who would come to be known as Blue Bolt the Lightning Man, finds that the combination of the radium and the lightning has given him vitality and strength beyond ordinary men.

Teaming with Dr. Bertoff, the new Blue Bolt is given suit to contain the extra energy, and a lightning gun (called the Cycotron) to become the protector of Deltos against many strange foes, the most prominent of which in the first year is the Green Sorcereress.

Having defeated her Dr. Bertoff turns his Telescreen on the surface and discovers the fact that World War II has started, so Blue Bolt returns to the surface to do his part.

Eventually Fred is joined by Lois Blake who visit’s the subterranean world and is powered up to become his side kick.

After a time however they both move back the aboveground where Blue Bolt’s extra abilities fade and he abandons his blue uniform to dress like everyone else.

Of note, Blue Bolt was the first character created by the team of Simon & Kirby who left the character after 12 issues.


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