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    Spencer Keen was a college student in 1852. He was son to Doctor Keen of Midwest College. His superhero costume was the originally the suit Keen picked for a costume ball. He decided to visit his father before the dance. His father shared with him his newest discovery, "the blue blaze". He had experimented with subjecting mice and insects to the blaze. They seemed to die immediately, only to revive months later, stronger than ever. The Dr. was uncertain what to do with his discovery. That night a tornado swept down the city. Dr. Keen was killed along with most of the population. But Spencer was knocked into the path of the Blaze and fell to the same death-like sleep as the test subjects. He was buried in haste along with the other dead left behind by the tornado.

    While Keen slept, his body changed. His strength increased "a thousand fold", his body became invulnerable and bulletproof. In 1940, Spencer awoke and rose from his grave. Discovering the world had changed in 88 yeas but needed heroes. In his tales the Blue Blaze faced Professor Maluski and his zombies, the ice ray guns of "crackpot inventor" Barko and Dr. Gair the mastermind of the crime syndicate. His final adventure was against Dr. Vortex, a manipulator orchestrating a conflict between Borsia and Gratzia, two fictional countries of the Balkans. The Blue Blaze and Dr. Vortex fell into the depths of the lime pits during their battle. The finale promised that of the two men, one would return in another story. However the series ended at that point.  


    The Blue Blaze is a Marvel comics character created by Harry Douglas. The character first appears in Mystic Comics #1 released in 1940.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Blue Blaze possesses superhuman strength, stamina, endurance and durability. Blue Blazes incredible strength was a result of being exposed to the blaze, a mysterious blue flame that seemed to kill those it touched, reviving them with superior strength and durability later on. This exposure granting Keen and at his peak can lift upwards of 100 tons. At a minimum Blue Blaze possesses the strength to allow him to lift upwards of ten tons. Blue Blazes durability meant he was bulletproof. Blue Blaze could revitalize himself and return his strength and durability levels to his peak by using a special customized lighter that was infused with the flames of the blaze. Spencer Keen was also incredibly intelligent, especially in regards to studies in physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Blue Blaze appeared to have an extended lifespan.     
    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 6' 0" 
    Weight: 257 lbs 
    Hair: Black 
    Eyes: Blue

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