A Blue Beetle TV Series? What happened to it?

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It has been over a year, and I don't hear any news on the Blue Beetle TV Show. It's annoying me with not knowing whether they had canceled it or not. I know that they had to do his Smallville episode, but still I want some news. At least give a date. I also know that they're going to have a Wonder Woman TV show, but I want a Blue Beetle TV series. I think it would be very interesting to see it actually on TV like they promised us about a year ago. Hopefully, they'll start the series soon, like in the summer or fall.

So, that leaves me with this question: What ever happened to this show?
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it was never picked up by any networks the teaser we saw where Jamie armours up was done by Geoff Johns as a concept for what the show could look like, as for his appearance in smallville that was to see if audiences (not just the comic fans) liked the character and would be intrested in seeing him in his own show, if it is ever going to be a show we'll probably hear something over the summer at latest winter if not then i guess it won't be getting picked up which is a shame

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I love Jaime and would love to see a show, but it might be hard since the Kordies aren't as fond of him.

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Let's just see if it gets picked up. If it doesn't, then let's just hope it does later on.

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The live-action series was never "promised." It was just test footage.  
And, if you ask me, the way Smallville did Blue Beetle is disgraceful. It was a horrible rendition of him, visually.  He looked like a prop out of the 1990s Power Rangers more than BB. 
Still, hopefully, the live-action show will be picked up!

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I saw a glimpse of the live action trailer in the teaser for DC Nation on Cartoon Network. No release date thought but Im hoping that this means that they will pick it up. Even though it was just test footage it looked awesome.

For the moment im just glad to see him on Young Justice.

There is Comic-Con 2012: Young Justice Trailer showing off the Black Beetle near the end. It also shows many other new characters.

@mcampos: I completely agree with you. What Smallville did to the Blue Beetle was terrible. His suit looked terrible and they didn't even bother showing his hands changing into blasters.

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Everyone if you want too see DC's Blue Beetle brought to our screens then please petition NetFlix to pick it up as an NFO in live/real action! =)

NF said to me that if they get enough chat, phone calls, tweets and FB posts/messages about it they will seriously consider it for their mid to late 2017 new shows lineup!

Just make sure that you mention that it's based on the Jaime Reyes character, Mention another beetle as the main villain like Blood or Black Beetle and make sure we get Traci 13 in the show at some point! =P

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Surprised DC hasn't done more with this kid. He's a fan friendly character, hard to imagine anyone not watching the hell out of a BB show. Introduce Kord as Jaime's mentor and boot up a sweet villain to help carry the show. Black Beetle anyone? Toss in a feud with the Lanterns, the Reach as a primary antagonist and you have the recipe for a hit tv show. Air on Cartoon Network!

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They should definitely give Blue Beetle a CN show, maybe something like Static Shock meets Brave and the Bold. It could definitely work. That and the Metal Men. There is not a single reason why there shouldn't be a Metal Men cartoon.

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A Blue Beetle show would really rock. CW should make it happen.

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