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    The Blue Beetle gun or B.B. Gun is a less than lethal pistol used by the Blue Beetle. It has been adapted to shoot compressed air or a bright flare.

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    The Blue Beetles BB Gun was created by the imagination of Steve Ditko and first appeared in the pages of Charlton Comics in the series titled Captain Atom #83, November of 1966.


     Guns are not toys
    Guns are not toys

    The second man to don the title of the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord did not have the mystical Scarab that Dan Garrett had which gave him special superhuman attributes allowing him to become a costumed crusader. So Ted had to invent his own special gadgets to help him fight crime.

    Most legendary was the Bug air ship which he used on most of his adventures and housed many of his tech. But at his side at all time was his trusty B.B. Gun. The Blue Beetle was always improving his trusty BB Gun and it had two basic functions of a highly compressed air blast and a strobing flare.

    Once after fighting the villain Dr. Alchemy he would turn his original BB Gun to a heap of coal. Undaunted by this the Blue Beetle would develop the next generation of his BB Gun, rebuilding it over the years making it more powerful all the time.


    "I have thee with my trusty BB Gun"

    The Blue Beetles BB Gun was a handheld metallic almost can shaped gun. The BB Gun originally was designed to be able to flash a high intensity strobe of light capable of temporarily blinding opponents. It also could release a constant blast of compressed air capable of knocking down a grown man and at its highest level stop a charging rhino. The longer and higher the level of compressed air the shorter the gun had a charge for. Installed within the BB Gun were solar powered conduits which allowed radiant solar energy to recharge its batteries. It also had a grappling line which ran several feet of highly tensile tension cord. The cord could also recoil back into the BB Gun. The gun also had a special security feature which allowed only the wearer of the Blue Beetles gloves to be able to activate the BB Gun.


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