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Beetle Fight!!

The issue start with Brenda bursting in Jaime's room, informing him about Paco being missing. After thinking what to tell her, it doesn't take long before Paco comes knocking on the door and reveals his new beetle suit! starting an epic fight that.........well that's pretty much it. The fight itself is amazing but as it goes, Jaime learns that the insect he put on his friend to save his life during previous issue, actually was a mechanism meant to be turned on when the scarabs aren't doing their job properly, thank god we don't have a personal killer scarab that's meant to eliminate us if we are slacking off in the job......he finally learns the scarab's motives and obviously doesn't like it as the battle progresses and almost getting his mom and sister killed. Jaime pretends to let himself summit to the suit to stop his friend who stops and turns back to normal. Brenda being witness of this, shouts at our hero to leave them alone (and what about jaime? he kinda implied that he is under the suit and she only cares about Paco?). The issue ends with Jaime deciding to get away from everyone he knows for he fears he would put them in danger as he goes to the place every teen hero in the DCU is going (teen titans are going there on issue 6 and static is already there too).


The pacing had improved during previous issues and this one is probably one of the best. Loved the fight between the two beetles and the end result was very bright from Jaime, this is how heroes deal with problems or stronger opponents (the two were evenly matched in power but you know what I mean). This tittle has very cool concepts like the Reach and how they will not only be appearing as the antagonists of this tittle but one of the 10,000 threats the DCU must face. (I can't wait to see the whole invasion against the blue lantern corps that was mentioned last issue). The design of the evil bug suit was great too so I can't wait to see if we will get more human beetles besides this two (also, will Paco become some sort of arch-nemesis for Jaime? will this be a spider-man/Venom thing? It would be awesome if it's true).

The Bad:

I’m beginning to think that this title is not exactly suffering from the same problems static but apparently it seems like Tony Bedard doesn’t really get the concept of the character at all. Sure reboots are great and all when done right, but why change the lighthearted aspect of the book and replace it with more and more darkening of the character? Because it will sell? Of course not! Because Jaime already has a following from people who read the previous volume and new readers know him from the brave and the bold. It would have been perfect if this generation’s blue beetle title would had kept the charm it had in his previous volume. There is no need to see an extended origin; there is no need to see the secondary characters people enjoyed being cast aside or stabbed just to see Jaime struggle with the suit (Brenda quinda sucks for she doesn't even seem to care about Jaime when he pretended to be under the scarabs control obviously implied that he was the one wearing the suit and she tells him to go away and leave them alone. Not something Brenda would do before the reboot as she would be worried about the two) . There are hundreds of heroes in all mediums that have a problem with their source of power (Hulk could be a big example). This blue beetle didn’t need it at all. Kids who have watched the BB&B if they see this series on the stands they will want it, trust me I know kids who love the blue beetle. And you know what? Unlike many who got into comics by reading spider-man thanks to the shows and start comics from there, they will back away from it and never return. Its simple logic financially since apparently DC prefers this Blue Beetle than the rest (including myself). The way this is going is just plain wrong for me. Sounds more and more like a fan rant but come on…..what I'm saying must hold some truth. This ideas of the reach and other bug suits could had worked if the writer would had changed a few things with the relaunch. But besides all of what I just said, i feel that i can trust


I fear that this title might end up being cancelled eventually but it shouldn't because is good. I’m enjoying it but I already given my opinion, as so many complain about the Ted’s death well I do understand then since some of my favorite heroes are either in limbo or dead, but Jaime has become the blue beetle of today and slowly turning into one of the new iconic heroes that will go on for many years to come. But this title seems to be really going to a whole direction that goes far away from the charm of the original. I hope down the line Jaime can be a hero and enjoy the life with his family as he faces many villains and threats like always (and fight the reach of course). Don’t worry, if I continue reading this series, I will not talk about how dark it is anymore, but I also noticed that things will probably get even better next issues.

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