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Execution as Smooth as a Scarab

PRAISE THE LORD! Blue Beetle has FINALLY shaken off the shackles of mediocre to crappy covers, and given us something that's actually decent. It's not super amazing, but there's nothing to terrible about it either. The balance is great, the tension is high.... yeah. This is pretty great finally. As for the interior art.... I'm actually tired of praising Ig Guara so much. His art is incredible, and just see my reviews for #1-5 for an explanation. His art is his art and there's not much more I can say about it that I haven't said five times over. It doesn't vary a whole, the consistency is excellent.

Jaime Reyes is such a real character. The awkward emotions he displays towards Brenda, revealing that he has something of a crush on her as well, were spot on. Jaime hasn't dedicated huge chunks of his character pining for her, but would really like to have an awkwardly teenage sexual experience with her. Jaime is just so damn relatable. He's a true teenager through and through.

Blue Beetle is a phenomenal well oiled machine. And I don't mean the character, I mean the series. It just hits absolutely every single plot point with perfection in pacing. It's such a smooth ride, doing everything right. It basically functions like a smoothie made of all the best parts of the best saturday morning superhero cartoons. And then it does one better by being not divided into episodes or even arcs, each issue in this series has transitioned with such a natural flow. Each issue tells its own story, but its equal parts solo and equal parts part of the bigger picture. If the series is meant to be told in arcs, I honestly could say each issue since #3 has equally been a perfect point to consider the end of the arc, and absolutely no way they could be the end of the arc.

This issue is even more tense and emotional than some of the others, and the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together so much more.

In Conclusion: 5/5

Blue Beetle is a perfect cake. And any flaws are essentially flaws in icing on the cake. This isn't totally one of those mind blowingly amazing series like Batwoman, Snyder's Batman, I, Vampire, Animal Man, Action Comics, Swamp Thing, etc; but this series does something like Zatanna. It almost regularly achieves flawlessness without needing to be the next Morrison. Blue Beetle actually inspires more feelings of awesomeness than Zatanna did, personally, and it even has splashes of Milestone level 'realness' to the characters.

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