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On the trail of the youth gangs' guardian angel, Blue Beetle crosses paths with the Question in "Ask The Right Question."

Vic Sage the question sits at his desk wondering what to think of the Blue Beetle. When Lou Croker the station manager of WWB comes in and yells at him for the not working on the Chicago street gangs story. Vic think Lou is an idiot but he also know he has to look into the gang problem as the Question.

Meanwhile in the south side of Chicago a gang aptly called the Wild Ones gets into there very distinctive getaway car and take off with the cops right behind them. The cops get closer and Twitch one of the Wild One gangers starts to get worried about there protection and Brandon tells them not to worry because they are protected by someone they call the Big M. just then a missile comes out of nowhere and hits the police car and causing it to flip over. The cops get out of there car and fire on the getaway car. Then they are hit by a canister of laughing gas that incapacitates them. Just then the Blue Beetle shows up in his bug and picks up the chase were the cops left off. The car takes off down an ally thinking the Bug couldn't fallow but the Bug just flips sideways and is just about to get the gang when they are hit by a bazooka blast that smashes the Bug into one of the buildings. He manages to steer the bug clear but Beetle is very upset about being taken out by some to bit thugs that got away.

Later at the prosperous home of Don Vincent Perignon windy city's king of the underworld his henchmen Hugo tells Vincent that a gang called the Wild Ones took out there numbers operation. Vicent says this is the third operation this gang has hit this week. While he's in his fury his son Richard walks in and finds out what going on and tells his father he will find out what's going on.

In a coffee shop in the heart of Chicago Vic Sage meets a snitch nicknamed Rodent. The Rodent tells Vic that the all the gangs are getting together and are going to meet tonight. He tells him that he'll call Vic and tell him were when he gets the address.

Meanwhile Blue Beetle heads off to the Beetle Nest. He has a lot on his mind after being taken out by a two-bit gang. As he changes into Ted Kord he thinks about his predecessor Dan Garrett and if he failing him as the Blue Beetle.

In the Chicago Metropolitan Police Station Headquarters Lt. Maxwell Fisher and Frank talk about the relation to Ted Kord and Dan Garrett's death. Meanwhile the police Captain is drilling his men about the teenage gangs that are plaguing the city. Then the chief drills Fisher for not going after the gangs and spending too much time on a wild goose chase.

Back at Kord Incorporated Ted thinks about the new trend in increased gang violence in Chicago when his girlfriend Melody Case walks in they have a deep talk about what has happened in Ted's life and all the things that have happened after he graduated from college. They even talk about Ted's father Thomas and how he is Egypt on a dig.

Later on Beetle takes his bug back into the city of Chicago to find out more about the gangs and why they are getting together. He sees a ganger named Twitch come out of a shop were apparently he got free Cherry slush because the counter guy was as he put it “Scared spitless” Beetle picks him up literally by using the sky wire on his bug. He is able to get all the information he needed by holding Twitch by his shirt over the city. Of course Twitch spills the beans.

In a junk yard in the bad part of Chicago Vic Sage changes into the Question and enters the junk yard a well known territory of the Wild Ones gang. As he beats the sentries and hops the fence he is ascended upon by the rest of the gang. Just as he starts to get overwhelmed the Beetle shows up and the two of them start to make short work of the gang. Then they confront Slab who is twice the size of any of the other gangers. That however doesn't stop Question and Beetle from kicking his butt and just when you thought the fight was over the Muse launches a missile at them that allows the gang to escape. This leaves Beetle and the Question at square one.


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The Transformation The Blue Beetle and the Question are a classic team up.  Both Characters started out in Charlton and are great together.  They really could have done a lot more together so, this is a real treat.  This story is really setting up the next two comics so there is a lot of exposition.  Especially when it comes to the Question.  When I first read this book years ago I had no idea who the Question was and it was this and the next two comics that really made me a fan.  Sure it is...

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