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Holy Epic! :o


In the latest issue of Blue Beetle, we get our first look at Jaime's original rouge, Silverback of the Brotherhood of Evil in action. He is mean and will stop at nothing to get the scarab for his masters, going so far as to attack a gang's party which would usually be below their standards.

Jaime and the scarab's relationship continues as we learn that part of it is still visible (Like in Batman: The Brave and the Bold). Jaime and the scarab agree that they have to learn to cooperate with each other but that doesn't stop the scarab from trying to armor up when Jaime is threatened, even if it's just by high school bullies.

Though we see little of Brenda she shows how awesome she can be when she threatens Joey and his thugs that he dragged her into the boys' bathroom to sexually harass her if they didn't leave Jaime alone. Definitively the niece of La Dama.

When Jaime learns that Paco is in danger from the Brotherhood of Evil he immediately rushes out of school to go save him, using the scarab to track his cellphone signal. Jaime arrives just in time and battles with Silverback, who notes that Jaime is strong but has no idea how to fight. The battle scenes are epic and exciting and eventually forces Jaime to let the scarab use weapons that may be lethal, no longer caring at that point. No one dies, but Phobia, Warp, and Plasmus escape, leaving Silverback behind.

We also get some scene s of Jaime wearing the Blue Beetle suit minus the helmet, which many people have wanted to see. But then Paco comes out and is surprised that Jaime was the blue guy, wondering when Jaime was going to tell him. But the scarab panics at the mission being compromised and forms a blade to stab Paco right in the heart, much to Jaime's horror.

This issue was amazingly epic with a major cliffhanger. How do you survive a stabbing through the heart? We get an awesome first loom at Silverback and am looking forward to his appearance later in the arc. For those who have been wondering why Jaime's parents haven't acted as parenting as they should, they definitively do here when they see the scarab and think it is a tattoo, saying they will take Jaime to a doctor to get it removed and hope it hurts so he can learn something. And now Paco has learn that Jaime is the Blue Beetle, so everyone who was disappointed that no one would know, eat your hearts out (no pun intended). We see the strong emotions between Jaime, Paco, and Brenda and what they would do to protect each other.

This has been by far the best issue yet and am wondering what's coming next! Anyone who has felt indifferent to Blue Beetle for thinking ti was too slow, a retelling of old stories, or upset about certain changes, should pick up this issue because you will all be hooked back in! The art is amazing as Ig continues to show the expressions of the characters and the Blue Beetle armor.

Jaime is stepping into a whole new life and still has no idea and what to do; the continuing character growth and the partnership between him and the scarab is amazing and hope this book goes on for a long time so we can see where else they will go.

5/5 stars.

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