Blue Beetle #4

    Blue Beetle » Blue Beetle #4 - Gorilla Warfare released by DC Comics on February 2012.

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    What is Jaime Reyes going to do? La Dama and the unstoppable, mechanical monster known as Silverback both want the scarab for their own nefarious purposes, and Jaime's family and friends want to know why he disappeared. Can he keep his secret safe, or will he risk everything to tell his loved ones the truth?

    Paco Testas gets back with his gang the Chuco-Thirteen. He is with them for about the amount of time it takes to crack open a beer. In an instant the Brotherhood of Evil and Silverback appear and Paco takes off leaving his gang to be decimated.

    The next day Jaime tries to go on with his life like normal. This is complicated by the Khaji Da that threatens to kill anyone that he tells. Then he finds out that his friend Paco is being tracked and goes to save him. This leads to a pitch battle between the Blue Beetle, the Brotherhood of Evil and Silverback. The Blue Beetle wins and is able to get control enough of the suit to show his face. Paco seeing it is Jaime runs to him only to find out that Jaime dosn't have control of the suit after all.



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    The Good: Compared to the original solicit, this cover's actually not terrible. The colors made a HUGE difference. The design is fairly interesting, and there's a lot of nice details. Plus Kirkham made the extra effort to model his art style for the covers to synch better with Ig Guara's interior art.And speaking OF said interior art... anyone who's read one of my Blue Beetle reviews knows I LOVES Ig Guara's art. Everything is so 'round' but in a nice subtle way. Things don't look stupidly round...

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    Holy Epic! :o 0

    WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERSIn the latest issue of Blue Beetle, we get our first look at Jaime's original rouge, Silverback of the Brotherhood of Evil in action. He is mean and will stop at nothing to get the scarab for his masters, going so far as to attack a gang's party which would usually be below their standards.Jaime and the scarab's relationship continues as we learn that part of it is still visible (Like in Batman: The Brave and the Bold). Jaime and the scarab agree that they have to learn...

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