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The Madmen wreak havoc at Kord, Inc., while Lt. Fisher grills Ted Kord about his predecessor.

The Blue Beetle is flying home in his Bus after a battle with Firefist. As he flies over KORD Industries he sees his friend Jeremiah Duncan being attacked by a group of thugs. Beetle drops from his ship and fight off Farley Fleeter and his group of thugs. When they run away Beetle turns to Jeremiah to find out he has also taken off.

Meanwhile in the home of Angela Revere things are also going bad. As Angela is about to leave her uncle known a.k.a. Chronos is pressuring her to steal supplies from her job at KORD Industries. (Chronos arms are the only part of him that is revealed in this book.)

After Beetle's battle he flies his ship back to it's lair and changes back into Ted Kord. He goes into the metallurgy Lab and talks with Murray Takamoto and Curt Calhoun (Calhoun will become Prometheus) Curt is a real good guy and still calls Ted Kord Sir.

In the south side of Chicago Dr. Alchemy and Farley have a conversation. Alchemy wants Farley to do a job for him as the Madmen. Farly doesn't want too he believes that running around in a costume just brings unwanted attention. Alchemy find Farly's price and Farley gives in and says he'll attack KORD Industries for Alchemy as a diversion so Alchemy can steal the promethium in the metallurgy lab.

Back at KORD Industries Tedd is looking for Jeremiah. After he saw Jeremiah getting roughed up in the parking lot he wants to find out if there is something he can do. While he is looking he bumps into his girlfriend Melody Case. They flirt for a little bit and Ted asks her if she has seen Jeremiah. She tells Tedd that Jeremiah may actually be is his lab working. Tedd quips back “ What? And ruin a perfect record? Ms. Case bite your tongue!” Unfortunately Jeremiah heard Ted's comment and took offense. Ted tries to assure him he was only kidding and that he is worried about him but Jeremiah is no joking mood and gives Ted the brush off.

While at the loading dock seven large mysterious crates are being dropped off. There ia no paperwork on them but the warehouse staff unloads them anyway. Meanwhile in the shadows Dr. Alchemy waits.

In the receptionist area on the executive level Angela Revere gets a visit from Lt. Maxwell Fisher of the Chicago police department. She thinks he is there about the items she has been stealing from the company but he is really there to see Ted. He barges into Ted's office and catches Ted playing darts on a Richard M. Nixon dart board. He confronts Ted about Dan Garrett and his disappearance on Pago island. Fisher makes it clear he thinks Ted is behind it and he won't stop until he finds some answers.

In the warehouse the seven crates burst open and the Madmen come poring out. They quickly take out the guards but not before the set off the alarm.

Back it Ted's office they see the Madmen on his LCD monitors on his desk. Fisher tells Ted to stay were it's safe as he takes off to confront the Madmen. Ted turns to his dart board and turns the blue dart in the middle of Nixon's nose. This reveals an elevator that will allow Ted to change into the Blue Beetle.

Somehow Fisher and the Mad men cross path's because when Beetle gets to the receptionist area on the executive level several madmen are there tearing it apart. Beetle quickly takes out the Blue one and takes off for the others. In Melody and Jeremiah's lab the Madmen are being watched on the security cameras. They debate what to do and do the only thing the can think of and that's to activate the emergency security system.

Down the hall from the receptionist area on the executive level we see what the system does as Blue Beetle confronts five of the Madmen tasers pop out of the wall this gets the purple madman but the chase is still on. Fleeter tells his gang to spread out and they do. The green madman goes to an elevator and is surprised to see Fisher inside who takes him out with his pistol butt.

In Melody and Jeremiah's lab Fleeter and the orange ganger show up and hogtie Melody and Jeremiah. Fleeter crawls into the ceiling and leaves his ganger to do what he wants with their hostages. The ganger does a lot of damage until Fisher shows up and puts a stop to it. Fleeter on the other hand finds a tank-like weapon and an unsuspecting guard sitting in it not expecting someone to drop in from the ceiling.

Meanwhile the blue Beetle takes out the teeth of the red and yellow ganger with a well place kick. So if your keeping track that's Fisher with two gangers and Beetle with four. Beetle then heads to the experimental weapons area were Fleeter has already taken out the guard. When Beetle walks in the door Fleeter unloads on him with the tank.

In the metallurgy lab Dr. Alchemy gets his hands on the promethium and takes out Curt Calhoun.

Back in the experimental weapons room Beetle manages to take out Fleeter and the tank. So that's Blue Beetle five Fisher two. Then he barges into the metallurgy lab and begins the battle with Dr. Alchemy.


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Mad World 0

Sure this is an early Blue Beetle comic and he hasn't quite come into his own but there is a lot going for this book.  Farley Fleeter and his Madmen attack K.O.R.D. industries.  The Madmen were some of the villains from the Charlton days and it is nice to see how well they can be utilized.    This book also really starts defining the Blue Beetle universe.  A lot of time went into developing these characters that are friends coworkers and antagonists to the Blue Beetle.  He has a large universe ...

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