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Rise of the Blue Beetle

After a fantastic introduction we finally get to see Jaime in action with the armor, but h is not liking it as well as we are.

The Good

I like how the scarab is translated for us so we can see it argue with Jaime as he tries to save Paco and such. Some people might prefer the original, cryptic writing but there is nothing wrong with it being translated, in fact, we get to see into the scarab's personality, which is a plus. We can already see the scarab is trying to fulfill its mission as a world conquering weapon when it stabs two of La Dama's super villains but Jaime is able to rein in enough control to keep it from killing them. Some people might think Jaime should be crying over stabbing them but they were trying to kill him and Paco, who is his primary concern right now. Jaime leaps into action, but Paco is scared by the sight of him and, not knowing he is Jaime, runs while worried about him.

We also get to see more of La Dama, Brenda's aunt as well as a glimpse of what she collects, which explains her wanting the scarab in the first place. But if you want to live you do not throw up on her clothes, which is what, unfortunately, Jaime did when the scarab forced him to in order to prevent him from revealing personal information.

The action is great and we get a few pages on how Jaime sees things while hooked to the scarab. Jaime can dish out claws, wings, and even these cool bugs than can knock out La Dama's guards easily. Poor Jaime because his frineds, while not knowing its him, think he's a monster/threat.

At the end, we even get another glimpse at the Reach and they pick up on Jaime's scarab and start to head toward Earth. They're in a for a pleasant surprise I think becasue some on them are board on how easily they conquer worlds but Earth will be a challenge.

The Bad

NEED MORE! 20 pages is not enough and I desperately want to see what happens.

The Verdict

5/5. The issue is fast paced and gives us a look at La Dama and the Reach. It's getting up on its feet and I cannot wait for the upcoming months when it really picks up. It's also a slow book for some people though so I think some time is needed for them to warm up, similar to an indie film. Blue Beetle is the kind of story where it needs to simmer before it's ready to be fully enjoyed so I recommend staying a little while longer people.

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