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    Being an American of Puerto Rican AND Mexican descent, I have to say, the Spanglish kills this series for me. I know HEAPS of Latinos who do NOT speak that way, including myself and everyone in my family. They either speak in English or they speak in Spanish. I've never gotten the fascination with "Spanglish" in the entertainment world when it comes to the portrayal of Latino characters.

    I find it a forced reminder of what the characters ethnicity is and it comes off bogus. 
    The only positive thing for me in this book was the art. Too bad it was surrounded with forced cliche'd banter and characters. Not every Latino is a version of a family member on the George Lopez show. 

    And I drive a KIA. I know it's hard to believe that I don't drive a convertible Low Rider but "hijo de la chingada" it's true Vato! Orale!! 

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