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Oh... My... :D


Seriously, Blue Beetle is my favorite superhero and I was not disappointed one bit!

The Good

We start off with a brief history of the Reach and the involvement of the Green Lanterns and seeing the Reach in action was awesome! They were fierce warriors that conquered with ease and this makes me excited about their future with Jaime. We got to see Jaime's life with his friends Brenda and Paco and going through what a lot of skinny boys go through at school and his time at home where his parents are concerned about Brenda's Tia Amparo. Jaime has to deal with the differences of friends as they grow older and things he doesn't find fair with his family, even though they are doing it for the best. Definitively what all teenagers go through.

Then we see Amparo's sneaky business with trying to retrieve the blue scarab, with her own team of metas to retrieve it, but not with out going through the Brotherhood of Evil. While on the way to the party we saw how much Jaime cares for his friends when they are caught in the middle of a meta fight and takes the backpack to get them away from Paco. And then the fateful scene where Jaime and the scarab are stabbed and the scarab fuses to Jaime. Ig did really well showing the pain Jaime goes through his the transformation and then the final page where Khaji-Da comes into being. It was seriously epic.

I praise Tony Bedard for the story and hope he stays on along with Ig Guara! While Blue Beetle doesn't appear until the end it was still excellent but others might not find so due to some wanting stuff immediately rather than building everything up first. When I picked this up I was glad they I reserved it because my comic book store had sold out! YEEEAAHHH!

The Bad

I brought my best friend so he could buy it also, but he couldn't due to them being sold out. I let him read it first as we drove him home. It was agonizing to have my most anticipated book being read next to me and not being able to see it! I took off my glasses so I couldn't peek but it still tortured me! Imagine yourself starving to the bones but there's some healthy fat guy next to you chomping down on luscious food, remains of it dripping down his chin. That's what it felt like to me.


I give this book 5 stars and cannot wait for the next issue! This is a must read for Blue Beetle fans, comic book fans, sci-fi fans, Smallville fans, Buffy fans, and so on!

Mystery Woman Hunt

Page 17 panel 4 (in the top left handed corner, kind of haze and transparent, but she's there.

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