Character » Bludgeon appears in 29 issues.

    A Member of the Cyber Ninjas, Bludgeon was endowed with cybernetic components that granted him Super Strength and Invulnerability.

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    Bludgeon was a member of the Cyber Ninjas, a team of cybernetically-enhanced martial artists based out of Hong Kong, China whom were hired by the Kingpin to prevent Shang-Chi's Elixir Vitae from falling into the wrong hands. Their first battle against the X-Men and Shang was short-lived and they lost. Bludgeon was one of 6 members of this team and his cybernetic components gave him augmented strength.

    After the initial fight against the X-Men and their martial artist companion, The Cyber-Ninjas were seen rallying with 14 other terrorist organizations whose target was the Taskmaster after a billion dollars was offered by the Minions' International Liberation Front, posing as a mystery organization known only as The Org. Taskmaster killed almost all agents sent against him on the initial raid, while the others fled for their lives.

    Bludgeon's whereabouts after this instance are unknown.


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