Character » Bludgeon appears in 68 issues.

    Bludgeon is a mutated hammerhead shark created by the Shredder.

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    When the Shredder decides to meet Krang aboard his ship at sea. The meeting turns into chaos as Krang attempts to kill Shredder. The ninja is hopelessly out numbered until his mutant creations Bludgeon and Koya appears. Bludgeon bursts through the bottom of the ship causing it to sink, and then engages Krangs human soldiers and rock soldiers effortlessly and survives being shot in the mouth.

    Once the ship begins to quickly sink, Bludgeon retreats after Koya snags Shredder, and is told by his master that they are at war. Bludgeon is next seen together with Shredder and the assembled Foot Clan as they're greeted by the robotic turtle Metalhead.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a shark Bludgeon can survive underwater indefinitely and swim at a fast speed. He possesses enough strength to crash through a ship and is durable enough to survive small arms fire even at close range.


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