Blowtorch Brand

    Character » Blowtorch Brand appears in 6 issues.

    Arsonist who was immune to fire.

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    Blowtorch Brand was a minor enemy of the Defenders. He was a really slimeball arsonist whose only superhuman ability was an immunity to fire. He tried to pick a bar fight with Moondragon, calling her "baldy" and setting her cape on fire. He also sexually harassed Cloud. Cloud reacted by forcing all the oxygen from his lungs, knocking him out.

    A few days later Brand was setting a factory on fire so that the owner could collect insurance money. Brand discovered the workers were all illegal immigrants from Mexico. Brand was xenophobic and decided to have the workers burn along with the factory, his own improvisation of the plan. He locked them in the burning building and drew a handgun, preventing anyone from leaving or entering the building. When the Defenders arrived, Brand shot at Beast, Cloud and Iceman but all dodged his bullets. He actually acquitted himself fairly well, considering that he had no real combat training and a fairly standard power. He was eventually knocked out by Valkyrie.

    Brand was not seen again, until killed by the Scourge.


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