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    The "everything nice" from the sugar, spice and everything nice. Blossom is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls.

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    The Professor adds everything nice, the
    The Professor adds everything nice, the "Blossom ingredient"

    Blossom was created by Professor Utonium, a scientist striving to create the perfect little girl. He used the traditional ingredients: sugar, spice and everything nice. But, thanks to Mojo Jojo - then a normal monkey belonging to the professor, and simply named Jojo - he accidentally added an extra ingredient: Chemical X. As a result Blossom and her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup , were created with superpowers. The accident also created Mojo Jojo.


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    Blossom was created by Craig McCracken.

    Character Evolution

    Blossom as
    Blossom as "Liberty Belle"

    Blossom is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, mostly because of her (according to Buttercup) bossy nature. Blossom is also known as the "smart one" in the group. She was named Blossom by Professor Utonium due to the way she introduced herself so openly. Blossom helped transition the girls into superheroes when she discovered their ability to fight back. She often gets overwhelmed by her role as leader and sometimes finds herself not quite up to the job. Blossom almost always has to break up fights between her two sisters.

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    In the cartoon on Cartoon Network, Blossom is voiced by voice actress Cathy Cavadini.

    She has also used the identity of "Liberty Belle".

    Powerpuff Girls Z

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    In the Japanese version of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom is known as Hyper Blossom. Her real name is Momoko Akatsutsumi. Unlike her American counterpart, Momoko is not known as "the smart one" as the status of her academic standing is not mentioned in the series. Momoko is actually the "comic book geek" in her school and popular for her extensive knowledge and love for superheroes. Momoko is also very boy crazy. Momoko has a sweet tooth and usually spends all her money buying different sweet snacks. Most of Momoko's attacks are named after her favorite snacks. In the Japanese version, Momoko is not related to the other two Powerpuff Girls in the series and only knows them by reputation in her school. Momoko has a younger sister named Kuriko Akatsutsumi.

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    In this version, Momoko doesn't have the traditional powers that Blossom has and uses a yo-yo to channel her powers.

    Powers and Abilities


    Given that she was created by an accidental dose of Chemical X, Blossom is gifted with a wide variety of abilities that include, but are not limited to, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, sensory and flight.

    She also possesses the ability of space survivability, x-ray vision, night vision, laser vision (bright pink colored), energy projection (bright pink colored), fire generation, tornado generation, and thermal resistance.

    Her special ability is her signature ice breath.


    Aside from her multiple powers, Blossom on numerous occasions has shown herself to be a very capable leader of the Powerpuff Girls, possessing a refined intellect and the ability to speak Chinese.


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