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Bloom was born to King Orithel and Queen Mariam in Domino, making her the princess of Domino. She has an older sister named Daphne.

One day, 3 ancient Witches attacked Domino and destroyed it completely, turning all residents of Domino into stone.

The company of light fought the witches, and Bloom´s parents were members of the company.

When the company opened a gate to another dimension, the witches took Orithel and Mariam with them, leaving Bloom and Daphne behind.

Daphne managed to grab the baby Bloom and, before she died, brought her to Earth. Once there, a human couple named Mike and Vanessa took Bloom in and raised her.

It was then when Stella, Princess of Solaria and fairy of the Sun and the Moon, visited Earth that Bloom discovered that she was actually a fairy.

Since then, she visits the boarding school for Fairies-in-Training, Alfea.

In Alfea, she meets her fellow Winx members: Musa, Flora, Tecna and later Aisha (Layla).


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