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Bloody Lips' past still remains mostly a mystery. However, it is revealed that he is an Australian and once had a wife named Coreen. At some point in his life Bloody Lips became serial killer driven by a voice in his head that he refers to as the Serpent, who possibly endowed him with the ability to gain the powers and memories of those he devours.

Incidentally, when the Assassin's Guild put out a bounty on the legendary Cape Crow, Bloody Lips began his own pursuit of the old assassin after siphoning memories from the crippled Bullseye. During his endeavor he encountered Elektra, Lady Bullseye and Scalphunter on Monster Island. After getting a "taste" from the latters he changed his goals and set out to gain Elektra's memories. He gained what he wanted in the Arctic, but the sudden influx of suffering from Elektra's blood overloaded him and she left him to die in a polar crevice.

Powers & Abilities

Bloody Lips has the uncanny ability to gain the traits, powers, skills and memories of anyone he eats or ingests their blood. He can siphon the repertoires of both humans and mutants (as shown with Scalphunter.) and animals. It is unknown if he gains access to the full potential of the powers he steals, but after ingesting only some of Scalphunter's blood (who was eaten by a large monster that Bloody Lips later killed and ate) he was able to gain access to his healing and immediately knew the layout of his rag-tag ship. The following are some of the animals and people, and their related powers and abilities, that Bloody Lips has absorbed. He has clearly sampled many others besides the ones listed:

  • Ogre-faced spider: The ability to see in the dark.
  • Multiple SHIELD agents: Unknown, possibly various skills and memories.
  • Bullseye: The ability to turn almost anything into a weapon and throw it with high levels of accuracy. With this ability Bloody Lips was able to kill a submerged shark with a stone.
  • A shark: Became amphibious with the ability to swim at incredible speeds.
  • "Bear Monster" from Monster Island: Super-strength and the ability to "smell colors". Bloody Lips has stated to have his strength multiplied "atleast tenfold".
  • Scalphunter: Mutant healing factor and the ability to build weapons from scrap, technoformation. After tasting Scalphunter Bloody Lips also became a decent pilot.
  • Lady Bullseye: Unknown, but presumably her fighting skills.
  • A polar bear: Increase in muscle mass, height and possibly strength. Also gained prolonged claws on his right hand.
  • He has also remarked that he has heightened speed and the ability to speak many languages.

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