Character » Bloodwulf appears in 24 issues.

    Bloodwulf is a crass bounty hunter who travels space looking for his next hunt.

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    Bloodwulf is a bounty hunter from the planet Luap'ur with a large family and bloodlust to match. His travels have brought him into battle with the likes of Supreme and Avengelyne.


    BloodWulf is a character heavily based on Lobo, a character from the DC universe, created by Rob Liefeld.

    Powers & Abilities

    Bloodwulf has a very large space traveling hover bike that doubles as a giant gun.

    His powers include some form of enhanced strength because he is capable of lifting his bike/gun to fire it, he can also survive the vacuum of space and has incredible durability.

    Bloodwulf is also in possession of the holy weapon known as the Bloodspiller which he won in a wager with the vampire Cain. The weapon represents the Holy Spirit and the bloodshed of Jesus Christ.


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